Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our Week...

Ok, so I promised I'd be back Tuesday for an update about our weekend; however, now we're on to another one.  Where does the time go?  Here's what we've been up to.

Last weekend my parents came to visit 1) b/c they haven't seen Gage in over a month and 2) so Luke and I could enjoy ourselves at a friend's wedding.  Other than the weather (the very 1st time I have ever seen snow in October in my life) it was a nice night.  Meanwhile, Grandiddy spent the ENTIRE day putting together Gage's early 2nd birthday present---a train table!  Gage was sooo thrilled on Sunday morning and proudly announces every afternoon on the way home from school.....'I play choo-choo trains'.  Here is his new passion.

Monday night, of course was Halloween and Gage got to dress up at school in the afternoon even before trick-or-treating.  After getting him home, feeding him and giving him a bath because we knew it would be too late when we got home, I think he was actually ready for bed.  BUT, we instead made him dress back up as Mickey Mouse and after a meltdown, headed out to trick or treat.  If we hadn't had a friend coming over, I probably would've bagged the whole thing, however, as soon as he got outside and saw the neighbors all dressed up, he was ready to go.
Trick or treating at school

Sawyer, the giraffe and Mickey Mouse checking out the fish

Mickey Mouse and a cupcake

Ready for trick or treating

Alyssa (10), Gage and Jessica (7)

Unfortunately this is the only picture I got of Logan, the blue monster

Gage's 2 favorite girls

A neighbor's pumpkin

Gage doing his thing

We are so blessed to have such great neighbors, Gage absolutely adores them!

The rest of the week has been a blur full of doing school work, going to meetings and meeting old friends for dinner.  Gage is still a little sicky and his cough doesn't seem to have improved so much.  I had a conference today at Gage's school b/c he'll be moving up to the big 2 year old room on his birthday....which, did I mention is 10 days away? OMG!  I feel like I have so much to do before then.  Gotta buy all the icing for his birthday cake, etc.  At least we don't have to prepare the house for a birthday party, too!

Tomorrow is a baby shower for an old friend and Sunday is shopping with a new friend!  In between, I need to get Gage fitted for new shoes and prepare him for his 1st trip to the dentist on Tuesday....not sure how that one's going to go.

I feel like I had so much to talk, as usual, I got nothing!

PS.  This would've been posted last night if Blogger was accepting pictures!

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