Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Glimpse- Day 3

It's only the 2nd day and you guys know the morning drill....or what is supposed to be anyway.  5am- alarm clock, get dressed, do hair and  makeup, make breakfast AND lunch today.  Tuesdays are so much harder than Monday, this morning I really wanted to close my eyes and go back to sleep.  Oh yes, but this morning at 507am, just 5 mins. after rolling out of bed I hear Gage up.  I turn on the monitor to see him sitting up in bed.  Part of me thinks if I ignore him he'll lay back down for another 45 mins.  Part of me thinks to go in there and tell him to lay back down but then I think, what if he wants to get up and read books....I don't really want him up at 5am. I lay low for a few minutes and then he summons me...."Mommy, Mommy- grasshopper on!"  He has a projector on his ceiling that he likes to look at, a cow scene, a fish scene and the jungle scene.....not sure which one has a 'grasshopper'??  but he is satisfied with the jungle theme. 

hah...look at my awesome mess of a closet behind me!

I have enough time to come downstairs, get his breakfast togther- peaches and a bar, my breakfast AND lunch together.  Good thing I made the chicken last night.  At 530am, before Luke comes downstairs I hear him get Gage up, or rather out of bed, since he's already up, and get him dressed. Gage is grumpy because he got up early and spends much of his morning rolling around whining and pitching mini-fits. 

One of the fits.

In between fits.
We do get out of the house on time though, once again, a miracle for a Tuesday, when I have to pack lunch, and Gage gets up early.  It's warm outside this morning but supposed to rain all day.

We're at Gage's school by 635am and he's eating happily with his friends when I pull out of the lot at 645am.  I debate whether to go get Sbux this morning since I've left my mug at home AGAIN, even after I thought about it at least 3 times this morning.  But then I remember it's my long day with only a few minutes of planning and I better get to school.  I pull in around 7am again- my office is cold and I don't even have a jacket because it was so warm this morning. 

Today is a busy day at work.  It's the day I have planning only from 720-820am and teach the rest of the day.  I struggle to get everything I need to do done in this hour.  I have a parent to call to try to set up a tour of the alternative school, I have someone from Central Office calling to attend the meeting of said parent and I have a behavior plan to write for one of my 19 year old students, whose son happens to be older than Gage.....awesome.

830-10am- Pretty uneventful Geometry class.  However, the kids are really struggling- congruent triangles and proofs are hard- hard to teach and hard to learn.  I try to grade papers while I copy notes for the kids who need them. 

10am is lunch time.  Gotta love the school's schedule.  I chow down in 20 mins. to get back upstairs to my next class.  Again, thank God for leftovers.  Also I stole one of Gage's Snak Paks;). 

1030-1230- My remedial Geometry class where we study yet more proofs.  I loved proofs in high school, then again, I loved math and didn't have a Learning Disability in it.

1230-200pm- The kids are cranky, it's the end of the day and they have Geometry/proofs coming out of their ears.  I have to step out of class in a minute to make a phone call to the alternative school so I can get a parent in for a tour.   

The person from Central Office is supposed to call me back but of course she has a meeting at 1pm and I have class 'til 2pm and have to leave at 230pm.

After school today I leave straightaway again- this time to get a haircut and some highlights.  I've been toying with getting my hair really cut, but I also want to donate it again, so I think I'll wait.  To me there is something anti-climactic about getting highlights and not getting your hair cut.  Even so, I do it.....however, I decide I actually don't want highlights but instead want to go back to my original color, which seems so dark these days.  I meant to take before and after photos, but I forgot  You'll have to settle for just one 'after' shot.

My hair appointment is over around 415pm and I rush to get Gage- I still feel bad he has to be at daycare 9 hours plus some days.  Oh but when we get home, it's magical.  Angela, our housekeeper, has been here today and I sure do love coming home to a clean house and sparkly bathrooms.  My house was getting pretty gross, not to mention.  She missed a few places on the steps, but nevertheless it's cleaner than it was this morning and my shower and bathrooms are SPARKLIN'.

We get home and it's already 5pm...crazy!  We never get home this late.  Gage hasn't eaten all day since he refused both lunch and afternoon snack so I throw fish sticks in the oven.
There are 2 packages waiting for us when we get home! One is Gage's new booster seat- I can finally get rid of the high chair!

And a fabric advent calendar I ordered a while back.  I was pretty annoyed it was the 29th and it hadn't arrived yet.  Just in time!

Looks pitiful now, I know, but you get to decorate the tree everyday!
Gage's new booster seat is a travel one as well, with storage for food, pretty cool contraption if you ask me and just the perfect size for Gage to eat with us at kitchen table. 

Gage devours his fish sticks and yogurt because he's so hungry from not eating since 930am.  He gets some chocolate cookie because he ate his meal.  Daddy and Gage play while I clean up from his dinner and I sit down for a total of 10 mins.

I read a few blogs while Daddy gives Gage a bath, knowing I have a crapload to do once he goes to bed.  We read 2 books, brush our teeth and head to bed.  It's 7pm and I'm preheating the oven to eat my leftover sub from 2 nights ago.  Just remembered I need to finalize the questions for the pediatrician tomorrow for Gage's 2 year appointment. 

My house is clean so I don't have to worry about that tonight.  For the next hour I pour over the final textbook of our adoption committee and decide that it sucks.

We already have one picked out but of course have to go through the motions of the rest. We meet the pubishers Thursday night when they get to convince us to buy their book. I pretend to evaluate the book, write down some semi-intelligent comments and watch MD play basketball.  Remind me how stupid I am the next time I decide that reviewing textbooks sounds like a good idea, as long as there's money involved. It's really not that much money and I have been grumbling about it since Sept. I can.not. wait. until it's all done next week. Whatever will I do with my time.

Tonight Luke is out playing an open mic.  Something he hasn't done in quite some time.  I am relaxing in a clean house glad that tomorrow is my 'easy' day.  I shower, do some more laundry and settle down with my Parenting magazine. Might try reading some too.....or ahhh.....sleeping!  Goodnight all!

*Tomorrow I'll try to get some more interesting photos, I thought I did pretty well yesterday, but today sucked!  Bleck!

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Kerri said...

Haha, Camden had fish sticks for dinner last night too.

I'm toying with the idea of chopping my hair off too...hmm. Haven't gotten the courage to do it yet though. It's just so long and blah.

Have I told you that I love this series you're doing? It's oddly interesting to read every detail of someone else's day. :)

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