Friday, January 6, 2012

Gage's Vocab....

Long ago, when Gage first started to talk I began a vocabulary list on the side bar to keep track of what Gage said and how many words he had.  Obviously now that he's 2, the point is moot and I'd like to use that space for something else.  But I still wanted to save the information somewhere, so I thought I'd post about it.......albeit months later.

In no particular order learned... begun at 10 months...

kitty, Daddy, poo-poo, bye-bye, meow, eat, tree, cheese, hi, uh- oh, 'blu'- balloon, 'bir'- bird, 'gook'- book, 'buh-buh'- bubble, 'tuh-dow'- touchdown, 'booooo'- moo and 'boo' for when he's trying to scare you, 'bye-pur'- diaper, 'it-c' (as in the Bitsy spider), 'bal'- ball, baby, 'beh-b'- belly, up, all done, bee, apple, socks, 'Bobby'- Mommy (still no M's), 'El-bo'- Elmo, hat, 'daw'-dog

30 words at 15 mos.

Favorite word at 17 mos.- NO

Favorite phrases at 18 mos.- "I did it.", "I see (insert object)", "See ya", "Oh NO"

"I love you!"- 5 days short of 18 mos.

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