Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011: Round 2

*I have come to the realization if I wait on my computer to not be a piece of junk, I will be waiting for quite some time, or until I have the money to buy a new one.  I have figured out how to change the image size on my camera (thanks to my For Dummies book) so hopefully I won't have the same problem in the future.  However, if I want to move on with my blogging life and post other posts that are waiting in my queue, I'm unfortunately going to have to give you a pictureless post for now.  When I figure out how to resize my pictures (does anyone know if you can do this in bulk?) then I'll be back in business.  For now, you'll have to read, instead of look at my cute kid.*

Well the 2nd round of Christmas 2011 is over and we have lived to tell about it.  We chose to leave Wednesday night after Gage's bedtime, which we have done before and will probably not do again.  In any case, no matter when we leave the 1st night Gage isn't is in his own bed is always rough.  After not enough sleep Wednesday night, Gage woke up to yet another Christmas.  After breakfast, he ran in to tell Daddy 'it's Santa time' and thus we started.  And Gage must've been a pretty good boy this year because Santa left him a whole SACK of presents at Nana and Grandiddy's house too!  Gage had quite a Yo Gabba Gabba! Christmas.  He got a nap mat for daycare, 2 Beanie Babies, a CD, and a singing toothbrush to name a few.  He also got a super cute pair of Sesame Street rain boots, a soccer ball and a basketball hoop.  He was very excited to open more presents and to roll in paper yet again.  Gage also got a few more cute books to add to his library.  Mommy and Daddy got hooked up too, as always.  Luke got a book, movie, gift cards, music stuff and money.  I got a North Face, a rain jacket, rain boots and some gift cards that are already burning a whole in my pocket.  We had some nice family time along with Auntie and Doris and a nice dinner to round out the night.  Gage of course continues to be a naughty 2 year old (more on that later) but nevertheless it was a nice night.

Friday morning we got together with a high school friend of mine and her 2 little men.  It was great to see her again, it had been way too long and as you can see, her two sons are handsome!  Gage had fun playing with new kids and new toys. 

Saturday, Mommy and Daddy got to enjoy some shopping time and lunch to theirselves, thanks to Nana!  We each got a few gift cards that we wanted to use and Nana had a blast hanging out with Gage in the 60 something weather on New Year's Eve!  Crazy!  You won't find me complaining, though.  They also colored and painted, such a treat!  Yesterday afternoon we got in another playdate with one of my high school BFF's and his little girl.  Again, how awesome was a 65 degree day at the park at the end of December?? 

This morning we headed home from another fun weekend (this time, extended) with Nana and Grandiddy.  Gage loves going to their house and playing in their leaves and Nana always has some kind of new book or toy. Even after all of the new Christmas gifts he got this weekend, he still asked to find 'more toys' several times.  We came back today so that we would have one day to recoup from all that Christmas was before returning to work on Tuesday.  It was fun, but it has now come to an end.  Thanks Santa for everything you left at Nana's house.  Sure beat what you left here!  hah....

*Yes I realize, pretty lame w/o pictures.  Oh well, I'm cutting my losses.

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Jennifer said...

That does suck! I've never had to resize pics in bulk, but my computer is annoying because it won't leave vertical pictures turned, so in order for me to post them properly on my blog I have to make them into a collage, even if its just one vertical picture. So annoying!

I wouldn't resize all of your pictures just for your blog on your camera, you might lose some image quality and its not worth it. Better to just resize one or two and have good pics.

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