Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Funnies

Since I don't have a Twitter or Facebook account, which I think would be a perfect outlet for such things, I'll be posting Gage's 'funnies' of the week on Fridays.  Gage is constantly cracking us up and saying the craziest things.  He's only 2, so I can't imagine what he will come up with in the future.  Last night, Luke and I lay in bed and cracked up about all the things he's been saying lately and go figure, I can't remember a damn one of them right now.  To be continued....

I thought of one of many, but it'll hold you over until next week.

Me: Gage, do you want to sit on the potty?
Gage:  Yeah, I want to sit on the potty like Baby Jesus!

Yes, folks, that's right, apparently Baby Jesus sat on the potty.

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