Sunday, July 17, 2011

20 Months...

My dearest Gage

Oh, how the time flies.  Three days ago you turned 20 months old.  As has been the trend the last few letters, this one is also late.  This weekend we have been lucky enough to have Nana and Grandiddy up to visit and Mommy hasn't had time to sit down and write you this letter.  I have a feeling it's going to be a long one.  I swear it feels like you change so much from week to week, so I can't even imagine how much you've changed in the last 2 months.

Yep, just read the last letter and you seem SO young compared to what I would write today.  I don't even know where to begin.  Let's see....talking, you TALK all the time and in full sentences, you can almost carry on a conversation.  You know your alphabet, all of your numbers up to 10 and some past that.  You say 'excuse me', 'please', 'thank you' and 'welcome' appropriately, you know the names to most of your books and all of your friends at school.  You know about half your letters by sight, but are still struggling with colors.  You know about 4-5 shapes.  You tell people you are '19 months' when they ask how old you are, we are working on saying 20 months.  You tell us exactly what you want for dinner and can repeat anything 3-4 word sentence we say.

You have finally grown out of most of your 12 month clothes and wear mostly 12-18 months with a few 18 months mixed it.  You're still our little peanut.  You weigh just over 22lbs, are about 31.25 ins tall now and have 8 teeth (2 molars).  We have been convinced for about 4 weeks that you were getting your bottom teeth, but nothing yet, just the 2 still.  Your new favorite toys are your alphabet pal, your Chuck the dumptruck set and any book that makes noise.  You have started more imaginative play and it's so much fun to watch.  You will draw something and say, 'the bunny sleeping', or 'look, an earpeen (airplane)'.  I am so so lucky to be home with you at such a special time and to watch you grow and learn every day.  With that and with the terrible 2's it seems, we have had some challenges.  Another one of your favorite words now is 'mine'.  You say it repeatedly when something is taken from you, even if it's Daddy or I taking it from you.  You also HATE to have your diaper changed and you are quite the fit pitcher these days. 

Eating is hit or miss these days.  You still won't turn down a grilled cheese, yogurt, applesauce or fish sticks.  You love shrimp these days too, and sometimes turkey.  Lately, you have become a huge peanut butter fan and ask for it at every meal.  At least it's good for you AND you're not allergic to it.  Lately, you seem to eat great one day and hardly anything the next.  We still can't get you to eat any vegetables, except the occasional sweet potato.  You love brownies and ice cream, just like your Momma.

You still have short legs and struggle with stairs, you don't have much interest in any climbing them.  You are interested in getting up on the couches, chairs, but your legs are still too short for that, as well.  You love the water and love taking baths or swimming in the pool.  You still only get to watch about a half hour of TV a day, but your all time favorite is definitely Yo Gabba Gabba.  You like to ask for Minnie Mouse, Elmo and Thomees, but then aren't very interested if I put them on for you.  You love music and love to dance.  You adore the Sesame Street characters and know all of their names, too.  You still love to be outside more than anything else.  You still love your books and we read for about a half hour a day.  Your new thing is to ask Mommy to read it 'again' every. single. time. I read a book to you. 

I am so lucky to be home with you this summer.  I have enjoyed spending all of my time with you and being able to take you places and do things with you I wouldn't be able to if I worked all year round.  You have really enjoyed the Little Gym and we have been able to go to some kids' concerts and the library once a week.  I feel  like these letters get longer and longer each time but there's so much of you I want to capture at this age right now and want to remember every second of it.  I know it will be hard for me to remember, even in just a few years....The rest of the summer should be fun and we will continue to look for new and interesting ways to spend our time.  We are going to 2 birthday parties in the next few weeks and heading back down to the beach of course. 

It is incredible to watch you grow, Gage and we are so proud of our little man.  You amaze us every day and are so very smart, it's hard to even stand it!  We love you, sweet pea!


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