Thursday, July 7, 2011

Any Dawson's Creek Lovers Out There?

Me, me, oh oh, pick me!  I LOVED this show, y'all.  I thought it was fabulous and I remember wanting to be just like Joey Potter.  Anyway, not too long ago, my old college roomie and I were chatting and reminiscing about good ole Capeside and decided that we just had to relive it one more time and watch every episode from the beginning.  Neither her nor I actually own any of the seasons- I don't ever buy that kind of stuff so we jumped on Ebay,, Amazon, etc. to track them down.  We found them, of course, for cheap and ordered away.  We promised not to watch them with anyone else and tried to figure out how long it would take to watch all of them when we could probably only get together every now and again.  In any case, we were stoked! 

Our 1st viewing party was this past Tuesday night and it was just as I remembered it!  Amazing!  In a teenage kinda way.  (Actually some of the story lines and vocabulary I'm pretty shocked at).  ha....think I'm a dork yet?  Anyway, one minor glitch.  So I had ordered Season 1, but hadn't tried it out.  I had gotten it from Amazon though and figured there would be no reason for problems.  Can you believe Disc 1 did not work??  Can you imagine how disappointed Jennifer and I were when we couldn't watch the beginning of Dawson's Creek?!?!  We did manage, however, to find online episodes so we were forced to cuddle together in front of her laptop.  hah...funny thing is that no 1 website would play all 3 of the 1st episodes we wanted to watch.  Oh well, we managed!  We just have 1 more episode to find online before we get to watch Disc 2, which does work!  We have a viewing party scheduled again for next week....then we have a few weeks in between.  I'm not sure how we will manage. 

Did I mention I went to Wilmington in April and tried my hardest to find everything I could from the show?? 

Did anyone else love this show like I did??


Kerri said...

Haha. I loved it back then, but not in an obsessive kind of way. I have a very good friend who's like you and your roomie-- she has all of the DVDs and still watches the show regularly. She also goes to Wilmington fairly often to try to locate anything related to Dawson's Creek. I will admit that I did cry during the series finale, though. I had just started dating Matt and he wanted to come over that night and I told him that was fine, but I'd be watching DC. He's never let me forget how I cried my eyes out during that episode. :)

Peace Love & Poop said...

I only watched it a few times. Wasn't that into it.

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