Sunday, July 3, 2011


to you, my old decrepit car.  You treated me well, got me to and from the beach many, many times, but recently you've been kind of a pain in my ass needing something repaired every month or so.  After 7 and a half years, it was time for us to go our separate ways.

Eh, this picture doesn't show your age.  You still look pretty good!

I think I already love you.  I know it's much too soon in our relationship to make such a claim, but you have everything I've ever wanted.  You have leather seats, built in navigation with voice activation, 3 rows, dual climate control and even a DVD player.  We can't complain about your price either.  We did enough research and have good enough credit that we just walked in and told them we wanted you and they said OK. (Well, not really, but c'mon, does that every really happen?)  Anyway, I think we have a long, solid future ahead of us and I can't wait to take our 1st road trip!

Can you see the 3rd row?

Gage will love this on road trips!

Can't wait to learn how this works!  (You should see the manual.)

True love!

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Kat said...

omg all I want is to own this car! lol we actually ended up with a RAV4 because the Pilot was more car (and more $$) than we needed. But I'm hoping to get one in the next 2-3 years!

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