Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mister G

Last week was a busy one and this week is turning out to be just the same.  I have to have lots planned to entertain my little guy plus with the unbearable heat we can just spend a little time outside at one setting.  Anyway, every other Wednesday there is a conceert series for kids at a local shopping center.  I was really excited when I saw this, because during the summer I actually get to take advantage of things like this that usually only SAHM's get to experience.  We were all geared up and ready to go Wednesday morning until we woke up to rain...BOO!  I was thinking, 'now what on Earth are we gonna do today?'  I was so excited to find out they moved the show inside.  It was moved inside the Little Gym into a small dance class room, but it turned out to be perfect.

Mister G was the performer of the week.  Mr. G is a teacher turned kids musician and was an awesome performer!  I have never seen a happier boy than my Gage!  I think because of the rain there was a smaller crowd, but I think that made Gage feel more comfortable too.  For about the 1st 10 mins. or so he sat with me, but after that he was on the dance floor showing everyone his moves.  Everyone was laughing hysterically at him- he was one of the only toddlers there and I think Mr. G was impressed with his participation.  He was clapping, screaming, dancing, spinning, you name it, he was doing it.  It was definitely a fun 45 minutes and probably much more fun than it would've been outside on a hot morning. 

Other than Gage thoroughly enjoying it, I can't say enough good things about Mr. G.  He was great with the kids (obvioulsy a teacher) and was a talented musician.  Ther were lots of interactive songs and probably best geared towards 3-5 year olds.  Songs called "Pizza for Breakfast" and "Squirrels" were my favorite.  However, many of the kids were that age and a bit older and had a wonderful time!  From reading Mr. G's website and some of the things he mentioned, it seems he just got back from a trip to Mexico (he's fluent in Spanish, too) working on an album and doing something with a school down there.  He has 2 CD's out, one of which has a few songs in Spanish.  To learn more about him, or to hear some of his songs visit  I think I'm going to download his album to my iPod for Gage to listen to in the car.  He is from Massachuetts and seems to play mostly around that area and not sure if any of you are from that area, but if you get the chance to see him and have kids between 18 mos.- 6, I'd highly suggest it.  Gage had a blast!  Thanks Mr. G!

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MikiHope said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all!! I am a new follower from Relax and Surf Sunday!

Michele aka MikiHope

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