Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Big Step....

Lately, Gage has had a language explosion. There's almost nothing he can't say....I think, this is in part due to being in the toddler room at daycare with almost 2 year olds who all talk very well. While we were on our trip last week, Gage started to repeat phrases we would say like "big step" or "Daddy's hat". Repeating is one thing, I understand, but when later on he says these phrases again, I consider him knowing what they mean or at least putting them into a context. He also says "Mommy's clock", "see ya" and "uh-oh Elmo" or "uh-oh Nuk" or whatever he has thrown over the side of his crib, down our stairs, or his new favorite thing, into our trashcan. It is definitely amazing to hear what he comes up with and to hear him call the teachers and other kids in his class by name. He can repeat ANYTHING we say, but most often if it's too many words, he'll just repeat the last two. Although he's still clumsy and falls alot, at least he has something going for him....it's definitely true what they say- they are either walkers or talkers.

Unrelated to language, I think it's so cool to watch kids this age become really interested in a particular thing, character, etc.  For instance, Gage can spot El-bo from a MILE away and is really pretty obssessed.  We have one or 2 Elmo books, and I just bought him some Elmo sippys.  I'm sure this is a foreshadowing of things yet to come, but I'm ok with that.  I love Elmo too, although I wish he'd speak a little more grammatcially correct ;).  My kid does need an Elmo shirt, though, anyone know where I can get one?  FYI, can you believe there are NO Elmo shower curtains?

Another thing that Gage is obssessed with is flags.  It started months ago, but now he has a word for them 'guys' (don't ask me why?)  And my boy can spot an American flag in a Where's Waldo? picture.  No matter what we are trying to get him to look at, all he cares about is the flags and if it's red, white and blue, all the better.

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Kerri said...

Camden's obsession is Mickey Mouse. It's adorable and I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts until he inevitably moves on to Superheroes and less-cute obsessions.

Gage has a phenomenal vocab for a 17 month old!

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