Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break 2011...

is finally here and hopefully my computer will cooperate long enough to get through this post. 

It's time like these that I am oh so thankful to be a teacher.  Just when the weather is getting nice and your job is getting frustrating, you get a nice week long break to spend with your family.  Our break starts tomorrow with the circus!  I loved the circus when I was little and I hope Gage does too.  It's at a nearby venue tomorrow less than a half hour away, so we thought it would be perfect....he's going to have to sit for 2 hours while we're there so no sense in making the trip to a faraway venue, like DC, if we can help it. 

On Sunday, our break continues with a trip to Wilmington, North Carolina.  As many years of my life as I have spent in NC, I have never been to Wilmington, but have always wanted to go.  Thanks to some family friends, we get to stay in a real house and not a hotel, and the weather's supposed to be beautiful, so we are pretty stoked!  The 6 hr. car trip will be the only thing we might end up regretting, we'll let you know how that goes.  We'll be there 'til Wednesday, so more than likely I'll be MIA until then and then we'll be back in town in time for Easter.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 

(The computer definitely shut down twice during the writing of this post...awesome.)

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