Saturday, April 2, 2011

Intro Class at...

As you all know, the further your child gets into toddlerhood, the more they are on the go-go-go.  It took Gage quite a long time to get there compared to some others, but just in time for the Spring (thank God) we are there!  Gage constantly wants to be 'outsigh' and lucky for him, gets to go there twice a day at school.  Anyway, in looking for things to do with him for this summer, I definitley wanted to get him into some kind of gym class or movement class or something to enhance his coordination (since he was lacking a little.)  I had heard good things about The Little Gym but also knew that it was quite pricey.  I began looking into The Little Gym, as well as Gymboree, and other classes in the area.  Unfortunately, the nearest Gymboree location that offered classes was almost a half hour away, so I kinda figured if I was gonna do it, it would have to be The Little Gym.  However, after looking into their schedule, I was pretty surprised.  They only offer 1 Saturday class and NO evening classes the WHOLE week.  Who is it that can afford $20+ a pop on one income??  (If you are saying, "me, me I can", then I envy you.)  Anyway, I really couldn't believe that there were only morning classes that were designed for noone but SAHM's.  Lucky for me, being a teacher clears up the summer and they do have a summer semester.  Again NO evening classes for the working moms, now it just caters to teachers.  Nevertheless, I signed up for an intro class this morning to see what it was all about, before I decided whether or not to sign Gage up for the summer session.

OMG, he had a blast!  He was hilarious and I really wish I had brought my camera.  He walked in and greeted everyone with a big smile and wave and literally went up to 10 of the 17 or so families and said 'Hi'.  He also could not get enough of running around the HUGE gym and climbing up and down mats, stairs and ramps.  It really was alot of fun to see him exploring so much.  The class wasn't quite as structured as I had hoped but it really does give a good venue for kids his age to run around and try new skills with other kids.  Today's class that we tried out is for ages 10-18mos.  It was the perfect class for him (not b/c of his age) but b/c of his size.  I would say that a majority of the kids in the class were probably younger than him but were about his size, since as you know, he's a munchkin.  In June when we start our class, he moves up a level and not only will be the youngest kid in the class, I have no doubt, will be the smallest as well!  I saw some of the kids in the class after his and they are HUGE.  Oh well, I guess he'll have to get used to seems to be like that everywhere.  Maybe he'll grow some in the next 2 months. 

After seeing how much he enjoyed it, I decided for sure to enroll him in one of the summer classes, knowing that we're going to need as much activity as possible this summer and that some days it's gonna be too hot to even get outside.  Not sure it's completely worth the $250, but such is life.  I signed up for a Tues. am class this summer, hoping it would be a small one.  I was pretty surprised how many kids were signed up for one class and that Mom and Dad came for just about EVERY one of the kids.  There were like over 50 people in that room.  However, I was also surprised there were no major collisions, etc. w/ so many people.

So I will let you know how it goes once we start in June- alot can change in 2 months and I'm sure he'll have even more fun than he did today.  I will also snag some pictures once he gets used to the place.  I have to say I would've been embrassed if I had brought my camera today anyway, being that not ONE person out of the EIGHT or so that brought their camera had a measly point and shoot.  It's all about the DSLR's these days.  So not only do these people only have one income, pay an arm and a leg for gym class, but they also have money to buy a $600+ camera!  hah....I think I live in the wrong area.

Alright, that's all I got.  This came off like a review, but it wasn't supposed to be.  Maybe if I'm super impressed after the summer and write up another one, I'll see if I can get a discount or something...ha. 

Any of your kids ever go to The Little Gym?  What was your experience like?


Hockey Wife said...

I love that you keep track of Grace's vocabulary off to the side there! One of my co-workers was commenting that I should be doing that with Linden. It's more sentences now than words but man, he has me rolling on the floor sometimes! Anyway, stopping by via blog hop and wanted to say a quick hello!

Brittany said...

I just had to crack up at your observation of the SAHMs with the crazy-expensive cameras. I'm with you!!! I love my point-and-shoot - wear it proudly, girl! A little editing in Picnik and those photos can be just as gorgeous as the ones from the big, fancy cameras. For cheap! Haha.

I can't wait to hear more about whether Gage likes the classes! Hope all is well.

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