Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt 2012

**This post is now over a week old b/c my computer SUCKS, as usual.  So really the Easter Egg Hunt was 2 weeks ago at this point, now let's hope I can get through the downloading of pictures before the computer has a fit again. This is the 3rd attempt since the above statement**

This past Saturday our neighborhood held an Easter Egg Hunt for all the kids.  It was a cute idea and they'd done it the last few, but we had never participated because I felt Gage was too young.  I was excited to see what was in store; however, the Winter Wonderland that they put on this past Christmas was totally unorganized and almost pure chaos, so I was skeptical. 

Each participant had to drop off a dozen eggs the week before the hunt to make sure there would be enough and then you recieved a ticket.  This was a good system because I was afraid that like anything else there'd be some who didn't contribute, but wanted to recieve.  They also had seperate time frames for the kids 2 and under, the preschool age kids, etc.  This was also good, because again I was afraid that although they said this in the email, the big kids would be running all over little kids to get the eggs.  Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised and the hunt went just as it should have.  The super cool thing was that not only did they have different time frames for different ages, they also had different levels of difficulty for the different ages.  For the 2 and under crowd, they just had eggs laid out on the tennis court for the kids to pick up and put in their basket. Gage was in heaven!  He just kept running saying 'more eggs, more eggs'.   He must have picked up over 30 or so, but being the fair player than I am, I would just drop a few off behind me- to make sure all kids had enough.  I tried to keep a variety so he could check out all the cool ones people brought and I also thought that a variety of eggs meant a variety of different candies!  Some of the eggs I was pretty impressed with.  I bought mine for a buck at Target and they were plain Jane, but there were fuzzy eggs and eggs with birds on them and eggs in different shapes, like ladybugs, etc.  I was totally excited...ha, you can tell how long it's been since I've bought Easter eggs.  Gage also got to meet his neighborhood/daycare friend, Katie at the hunt, so that was fun for them as well.

Although it was a rainy Saturday morning (but thankfully didn't rain until the small kids were done), Gage had a blast at the hunt and that's all that matters.  They also had a ton of good food/snacks inside the clubhouse, gave out cute little chocolate bunnies and the real Easter Bunny was there, although Gage wasn't about to sit on the lap of that scary bunny.  (See yesterday's post.)  All in all we had a good time and it was a good way to spend a dreary Saturday morning. We will definitely participate next year!  I'm going to try once more, but I'm pretty disappointed, because I doubt I'll get Gage on the Easter Bunny's lap this Easter....ah well! 

Checking out his goods.

Proud of his collection

Working hard

*Other pictures were to be included in this post, but I gave up.

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