Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two Weeks Ago...

Now that it's been 2 weeks since the pictures were taken and it was meant to be two different posts, I have given in and decided that I just need to get the pics out there so one post it is. 

Easter weekend was a fun one for sure.  On Saturday morning we go to head to the Easter Festival that we checked out last year; however, it was a totally different ballgame this year.  Gage was an entire year older, very mobile and the weather was beautiful (it was in the 40's or 50's last year).  In any case, we met friends of ours there with their almost 3 year old son and had a blast!  There were huge slides coming off the side of a mountain, there was a bounce 'mound', a hayride, a cow train, lots of playground equipment, farm animals, food and the Easter Bunny.  Definitely a good morning.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!

The small slide

The bigger slide

The tube slide

Gage was so proud, he did it by himself.
About as far as he could get on the bounce mound before getting bounced off

Having fun anyway

These were the 'Christmas card' pictures I took of our friends, didn't get the perfect one, but still thought they were pretty cool.

Cow train

The hill
The next day was Easter and we had built the good ole Easter Bunny up pretty well.  However, Sundays are my day to get up early and Daddy's day to sleep, so I tried not to draw attention to the Easter basket that was left for Gage until he found it himself.  It took an hour or so so Daddy didn't have to get up that early.  Anyway, Gage was excited to find eggs in his basket and even more excited to open every one to see what th Bunny had left for him.  He also got a doctor's kit, a Tshirt and egg shaped sidewalk chalk from the Bunny.   After opening the basket, we headed to church and Gage did awesome.  It was about 35 mins. before he started to get restless but we managed to keep him in the sanctuary the entire hour, so we count that as a success.  When we got home, Gage wouldn't even look at the camera (that's his new MO), but I wanted to get him dressed in his handsome Easter  outfit.  I even took him next door in front of the neighbor's flowers (since I have none yet).  Here is the proof.

Checking out the basket

....and the chocolate bunny

I'm outta here, dude

The only way we can get a half smile is to mention a 'pumpkin face'.

Dr. Gage

And this is what we deal with when we try to get posed shots.

The aftermath.

Just remembered while writing this post, that by the way, took me 1 hour and 20 minutes, since the new Blogger didn't want to seem to download any of my pictures that I never posted our beach pictures from Spring Break.....guess you'll get a picture post tomorrow and you can figure out the story for yourself.

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