Saturday, January 19, 2013

4 months!

Dear Ezra

You are 4 months old today and I can’t believe this letter is actually on time.  I feel like I have so little time these days spending time doing anything extra than taking care of you and your brother.  Unfortunately, now that you’re in school, each day seems like the day before and we have a pretty set and uneventful routine during the week.  So far, it seems you have adjusted to school well and the teachers all love you.  They say you’re such a happy baby.  I think you’re still driving them a little crazy with your 3 catnaps a day, but they say when you’re awake and not poopy that you have such a good disposition.  This is mostly true with us as well, although you still have your fussy moments.  Since you are only catnapping at school though, it does make Mommy a little sad that when you get home in the evenings all you want to do is sleep and are only up for an hour or two.  I remember the same thing with Gage and I know that you’ll grow out of it soon enough and establish a better schedule.  You have almost created your own eating/napping schedule although we’re still working out the kinks.  I mentioned in your last letter that you’d be moving to your new room at the beginning of the month…..hmmm, yeah that didn’t happen.  You’re still with Mommy and Daddy and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  I don’t know why this time it’s so hard for me to get you out of my room. I think part of it is that when you protest we’re scared you’re going to wake up Gage and you never cry in the Pack n Play beside our bed.  The last few nights we have laid you down in your crib, so you’re gradually getting used to sleeping in there, too.  I’ll definitely miss the days though when you start to whimper and I can just roll over and slip the Nuk back in your mouth.  Ha...I distinctly remember a very similar blog post I wrote about Gage around this age.
You are still a good eater and have spaced out your feedings to about every 3 hours.  You are up once at night or sometimes not at all and eat every morning before heading to school.  You definitely are a chunker and it’s obvious you’re not starving.  However, this week at school you broke out into a rash while eating and then again tonight when I was feeding you.  We’re worried you’re allergic to something I’m eating and worried what the implications of that might be.  You go back to the dr. next week so we’ll discuss our game plan then and find out how much your chunky little belly weighs.  You still have your fussy nursing sessions and your fussy nights and now I wonder if it doesn’t have to do with something I’ve eaten not agreeing with you.  You’re currently giving your Daddy a hard time as we speak.

Your motor skills continue to impress me- last night you were opening the cover of a book and I really don’t remember Gage grabbing things quite the way you do at this age.  Of course like I said, everything you grab goes straight into your mouth.  You are not yet rolling over, although you’ve been very close since last month, nor are you sitting up.  Now, I know most 4 month olds don’t sit up, but Gage was definitely doing it at this age….I know, I know, every kid is different. 
Some of the more exciting moments of the last month are of course starting daycare, which you seem to be enjoying for the most part, your 1st New Year’s Eve and spending more time with Nana and Grandiddy.  In the next month, you can look forward to another dr’s apt and set of shots, your 1st live show, and your 1st Valentine’s Day.  Pretty uneventful now that the holidays are over and every day is pretty much the same.  Perhaps you should start rolling over or sitting up to make things more interesting!

Ezra, you are such a pleasure each and every day and although some nights we don’t know how to comfort you, your usual smiles and coos and almost laughs far than make up for it the next day.  Your favorite place to be is still in our arms with your Nuk cuddled close.  I love that you are a snuggler.  Here’s to another month!



Party of Five said...

So sweet! Time flies doesn't it??

Heather said...

Adorable pic!!!! Can't believe it's already been four months!!!!

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