Monday, January 7, 2013

Project 52: Week 1

Ok, so it's Monday and I'm already a bit late on this post; however, I am determined.  I am determined to do a Project 52, plus I now I have some company.  Both the ladies at Living Like the Kings and the Paper Mama are both doing photo challenges that I could link up with.  I might change it up each week, sometimes I'll do my own, sometimes I'll try and link up w/ one or the other of them.  The Paper Mama has fun weekly photo goals by category, where Living Like the Kings just shows you her week in photos.  Plus both of these ladies have been known to link up to Scavenger Hunt Sunday, which I'm determined to do one of these days.  However, my photo goal this year is our life and my family, so I'll be focusing on taking more pictures of them and not other things.  Here is week 1:  Only missing one day, not bad I'd say.


Bath time



My music man

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