Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Boogeyman

I'm sitting here at 720pm listening to my poor baby cry himself to sleep, as he's done every night for about a week now.  He's starting to get scared of things and everything in his room freaks him out.  For a few nights he cried about the 'cat' that was looking at him and it took us forever to realize that his lion towel was hanging on the back of the door and he wanted us to put it away.  Then there was the 'cat in the closet'.  Ace and Jasper, our 2 real cats, used to hang out in his closet and occasionally one would get shut in there at night.  So it appears he remembered that as well.  Then it was all the animals that sit on his shelves and in the rocking chair that we had to take down and put away. This has always been the case at Nana's house, but she has so many that are new to him it was understandable.  These animals have been in his room his whole life.  Tonight when I went to check on him, he turned himself around the opposite way in his crib so he couldn't see 'the cat', although it's not there anymore.  He also wanted me to leave the door open- a new request.

It's just funny to me that there comes a time that a child is scared of everyday things for no reason.  I wonder if it's the same time they start to get a vivid imagination, are reading more books and learning about new things and therefore their little brains are trying to keep up.  Thankfully he's not scared of the dark yet (although he does have a night light) and hopefully it's just a phase.  It's sad to know he's scared, but I'm not sure there's but so much I can do. Especially when he just wants me to keep coming back and it seems to be a way to prolong bed time.  Any suggestions?

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