Monday, March 19, 2012

This is so last week....

but really, did anyone feel dumber after wasting 3 hours of their time or ~2.25 hours on DVR watching The Bachelor.  I mean yes, I saw it coming, I didn't even really need to watch it, but come was SO lame.  Not even an exciting or juicy finale.  Just the same old crap.  Courtney acting dumb and Ben defending her.  It should've been obvious (almost as obvious as Brad picking Emily) but I'm just so disappointed that I wasted all of my time...ha.  I know how pathetic it sounds.  But really, I haven't done too much in the last few months at night besides watch TV and I'm always like 5-6 days behind real time......and now I have nothing to show for it....ha.

Ok, I'm over the Bachelor and not really excited about watching Emily in May, either.  Anyway, on to more exciting news this weekend. Holy upsets!  Did you see the NCAA tournament Friday??  Craziness.  A 15 seed hasn't beaten a 2 seed in 11 years and twice in one day?!?  Awesome!  That's why March Madness is great...most of the time.  I'm not in any bracket this year for money, but I wish I was.  LOTS of people's bracket's were ruined this weekend.  I hope it's a crazy year and some random 4 or 5 seed wins!  Hopefully they'll be some more upsets today....I can only hope!  Hope you all had a good weekend and that your weather was as pretty as ours!

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