Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A First...

Since I already have birthday posts scheduled for the next 2 days and we all know what a pathetic blogger I have been lately, I figure while the  mood strikes me, I better write.  So I'm foregoing Wordless Wednesday this week to tell you about our past weekend.

Last year for President's Day, we took Gage to the beach for the long weekend.  We went to the aquarium and spent time with Nana and Grandiddy as well as probably getting to go on a little overdue date night.  This year, we considered doing the same thing, since we hadn't been to the beach in *gasp* 6 months!  I couldn't take it any longer and whether it was Februrary or not, I was for sure going to go.  Then Luke and I got a wild hair that maybe we would see if Nana and Grandiddy would want to watch Gage for the weekend  (their house is right on the way) while we went to the beach....alone.  We had hoped that maybe this would happen this summer while we celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary, but wanted a little test drive.  We weren't sure how they'd feel about it.  So we told them they could either come with us, so they could spend a little time with Gage and we could go out, or we could drop Gage off there.  We were pleased/nervous/shocked, etc. when they said we could drop him off.  What would we do w/o this little part of us that we have never been away from for over 2 years??  Well, Luke has been on business, etc, but not this Momma!  Anyway, we got super excited and bought Gage a little suitcase and everything for his 1st trip to Nana's house.  We talked about getting to eat out, sleep as much as we wanted, go to the movies, shopping, etc.  We were so thankful to have this chance, not to be away from Gage of course, but to get to do those kind of things for the weekend.

I was nervous about how I'd feel, but tried not to think too much of it.  We just piled in the car Friday afternoon and took off. We had planned to stay at my parents that night, because it would be late anyway before we would venture to the beach for the next 2 days.  Gage usually has a hard time the 1st night so we though it would make it easier on all of us.  So Saturday morning, Daddy and I kissed Gage good bye and headed off.

AND, it was exactly what we needed.  We ate out 3 times, went outlet shopping, took naps, watched a ton of TV and slept in!  It was definitely well deserved and needed.  Although the weather was pretty bad, we didn't complain.  We called Gage a few times and he and Nana were almost too busy to talk to us!  Gage had a blast and got to visit family, do fun crafts, go to a farm, an indoor playground, make brownies and probably got to eat all his favorites!  I think Nana had a fun time too, although she might be worn out this week!  Overall, we were a little nervous at 1st to leave our baby for the weekend, but it was definitely the right time to do so and everyone had a great time!  Maybe we'll do it all again in a few months or so!  A big thank you to Nana and Grandiddy who gave up their 3 day weekend so that we could have some Mommy/Daddy time and they could spoil their grandbaby! 

Back to the work week it is and a huge miracle, I even produced a post.  Today is already Wednesday, thank goodness.  Yesterday wasn't uneventul of course...I got a phone call at 10am that Gage had fallen on the playground and bloodied his nose and got a fat lip!  Yay!  Twice in 8 days.  Is that what being a toddler is all about?  Geesh.  Have a great Wednesday.  See you this weekend when maybe I'll get motiviated to write again.  For now, Happy Birthday to my friends, Heather and Sherri!

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