Thursday, February 9, 2012

And what do you know?

It's almost been another 2 weeks since I've written a legit post.  Ah, I'll catch up someday.  So what's been going on here???  I've been taking NO pictures so I can't even share any good ones with you.  I still enjoy reading other people's blogs more than writing in my own.  It's already Thursday and I feel like this week has flown by and gone SOOO SLOW all at the same time.  I've been super busy at work as usual and by the time dinner, bath and bed is done at night, I'm almost ready to turn in myself.  I've been hitting the sack NLT 9pm every night! 

Nana and Grandiddy came to visit this past weekend and it was so nice to have them.  Gage LOVES having them visit and always loves that Nana brings him something new:).  This weekend they got to watch him play teeball (I should try to steal some video from her) and got to play with his trains and tool bench with him.  He and Nana also made some Valentine's Day cookies.  Too bad it wasn't warm enough to make it outside.  Mom and I also got to spend a little QT together and went shopping for her birthday, although she didn't find too much she wanted.  She did get a few new books.  I think I still owe her a little more.....

The weekend went by too quickly as usual and we tried to get a few good photos of Gage and the g-parents, although none turned out well.  Hopefully Nana got a few good ones on her camera.  The rest of this week and last just seem to blend together.  Working my hiney off 'til around 4pm, going to get Gage, running errands or coming home to play for an hour before dinner, bath and bed and it starts all over again.  We're kinda in a rut and I'm itching to get out.  It's been super nice this year for January/February but it's just so inconsistent that it's driving me crazy.  One day will be 30 and the next in the 50's. One day we can play outside and the next we can't.   It won't EVER snow, which of course, as a teacher is pretty depressing.  I have to say I think I'm over the chance and am just ready to move on to Spring time. 

Speaking of Spring time, nothing says Spring like the beach- where Luke and I are headed next weekend, for the 1st time in 6 months!  I'm beyond thrilled!  More to come on that.  So yes, we're still alive, just doing nothing exciting! 

AND I don't think I can think of anything funny to post for tomorrow.  Gage cracks us up every day, I just forget to document the funny things he says!  Have a good weekend!  Tomorrow's Friday!

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