Monday, February 13, 2012

It was bound to happen....

No parent, of course, wants to see their child get hurt.  But it happens.  I often worry about one day when Gage gets older and he breaks something, or falls off the swing set, or cuts himself so bad that he'll need stitches.  I think about rushing my kid to the emergency room for one reason or another.  And then I think, maybe I'll get lucky and he won't hurt himself too badly. 

I was 4 when I fell at my babysitter's house and my teeth went through my bottom lip.  I needed stitches on the inside and out and had to be 'restrained' to put the stitches in.  I have still a nasty scar to prove it.  I remember breaking my wrist at a skating party in the 6th grade.  A LARGE girl fell on me- a girl who wasn't even supposed to be there because it was an elementary skating party. 

I remember when my brother gashed open his leg and it required stitches, just playing with my cat.  I think he also hurt himself being a boy and jumping out of a swing.

At any rate, kids get hurt and it sucks!  Today coming out of daycare, Gage took the wheel chair ramp as he usually does and I took the stairs.  He turned the corner and I was no more than 6 feet from him when he broke into a run.  He tripped, as he often does and I watched him fall on his arms first before his face went down into the pavement.  He started to wail and when I grabbed him up I saw no blood- just a little gravel on his chin.  He was really screaming though so I kept checking and then just tried to comfort him to get him to calm down a little.  After he was calmer, I gave him another once-over and that's when I saw it.  He had the smallest, most symmetrical, I might add, chip out of both of his front teeth.  Are you kidding me, I thought??  Anything, but his teeth, which are already a little wacky.  By this time he wasn't crying anymore and I checked them and they didn't seem loose and there was still no blood.  His lip must have never hit, he literally must have just come down on his little teeth.  I felt awful!  I was standing no more than yard aways from him when it happened and it was just like any fall.  I was always scared of something like this and my worst fears have come true.  So much for pictures for the next 3 years!  Oh well, I guess it will add character.

The dentist was able to take us right away and she confirmed that she didn't think they were loose or that any 'serious damage' had been done.  I'm telling you, he barely even came down on his teeth.  We have to go back in 6 weeks to assess the damage.  She did warn me his teeth might discolor!  Can't wait for that!  Not only will my kid have chipped teeth, but chipped brown teeth, really?!?  Awesome!  Let's hope she's wrong on that one.  My poor baby!


Kerri said...

Poor guy! Camden fell and smacked his mouth on the hardwood floor tonight and blood was coming out of his mouth and I thought for sure a tooth would be missing when I looked in there. We lucked out and all teeth are in place, but he now has a fat lip complete with a blood blister. You're right- it's just bound to happen at some point. We can't pad the world for them, as much as we might want to!

The Sims said...

Poor little man. So sorry. C was stitches to the left eyebrow @ 10 months. B was steri-strips and dermabond to the chin @ 15 months. They will keep you busy:) I am just lucky I work in the ER, so I get to be the one to hold the kid down (I hope you hear the sarcasm). I'll pray his teeth don't discolor.

WeeMason's Reader said...

Oh no, poor you and poor Gage!! I was totally cringing through this whole post waiting for the bad news to come. Ugh. Hope she's wrong and his teeth don't discolor!!

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