Friday, December 14, 2012

I'm back...kinda

I haven't blogged in over 3 weeks.  That's crazy to me.  Notice how my blogging stopped when I went back to work.  I am just crazy busy.  It's really nuts what one job, two kids and Christmas time can do to your free time.  I had tons to blog about, I even have half a post about Gage's 3rd birthday that I never had time to finish.  But 3 weeks later, I'm thinking instead of playing catch up I'll just resume my normal blogging (hopefully) when I find the time, which I'm not sure when that'll be.  I haven't even done WW the last few weeks....argh!  I have been reading blogs in my spare time (ie when I'm pumping at work) but that's about as far as I can get back in the blogosphere.

Let's see, to catch up....Luke and I never got the stomach flu that Gage had on Thanksgiving, thank God.  We just got our birth announcements ordered about a week before our Xmas cards (that have still not been mailed out).  We got professional pictures taken the 1st weekend of December, in which Gage was incredible naughty for, but such is life.  We have almost all of our Xmas shopping done, which is close to amazing.  I had a birthday this week and we got to go out last night to dinner.  Those are the highlights of the last few weeks, but my God, I had no idea how much time I wouldn't  have when I returned to work.  Now I get home close to 430pm every day and have 2-3 hours with  my  kids before we have to put them to bed.  And most of that time is taken up with eating, bathing and bedtime.  Sometimes I wonder how anyone does it all.  Then I remember that most people probably don't.  And that it will get easier as Ezra gets older and doesn't have to eat all the time and isn't fussy all.the.time.  Some days I feel like I'm crazy and some days I feel like we've had a productive day.  But OMG, I can't imagine January when both boys are going to school.  That'll take some getting used to to I'm sure.  Anyway for now, that's my update- I think I just needed to post once and hopefully I'll get back into the habit....once you get out of the groove it's hard to get back in.

Please pray for the families in Connecticut today.  I can't even fathom it...


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