Saturday, June 22, 2013

Project 52 (Still a Fail)- Week 24 and 25

See, ya'll my camera battery went dead and took me a few days to charge it.  Geez, I'm full of excuses what can I say?  I can only try harder and hope that w/ Summer being here I'll have more time to focus on my boys.  At least the 1st week wasn't so bad.

Week 24 (June 9-15)

Handsome boy

Strahan, watch out!

Gage's Masterpiece

Best Buds


Bath buddies

Week 25 (June 16-22)

Target- also E's favorite store

Notice my child's response compared to the others- apparently this is the truncated version as well
Snot and cleavage- the perfect combo


carrielt said...

Great pictures. Your kitty looks like my kitty, Tails

Heather said...

Gage's response to the weekend question cracked me up. I could see Maddie doing something like that too. She'll talk your ear off, that girl. :o) Hope you are doing well!!!

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