Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dear Ezra- 15 months

*I'll pretend I wasn't gone for 3 months.  It was so hard to start again.  I don't think I've even started again or will ever have the time like I used to.  However, I had to write this letter, it's been on my to do list for 3 months.  I'm happy to check something off.

My Dearest Ezra

You turned 15 months 2 days ago and the last letter I wrote you was 3 months ago.  Sorry about that.  I guess I’m finally making up for the 1st 8 months of Gage’s life when I didn’t even write him letters.  The last 3 months have been a blur of schoolwork for Mommy and trying to spend every moment w/ you guys that I can in the 2-3 hours I see you each weekday.  I just read your last letter and, my have you changed.  I’m pretty sure I’m not even writing about the same little boy anymore.  I could go on and on about you at 15 months, so let me try to hit the high points.

Ezra, you are crazy!  You are our little daredevil and are scared of nothing!  You are a climber and a mover and a shaker.  I don’t even know where to begin.  You last weighed in about a month ago at almost 23 lbs.  You have 10 teeth and are a RUNNER.  (You started standing right around mid-October and walked a few days later.)  This got you in trouble this last week on your 15th month bday, you ran and fell and hit the seam of the wall right in the middle of your forehead, nearly splitting it in 2.  I think it worked out as well as to be expected and it didn’t seem to cause any side effects aside from a GIANT black and blue bruise you will sport next week in your Christmas pictures.  Ezra, for a while we weren’t sure if you’d be a talker, but I think you have proved us wrong.  Although not as articulate as your brother, you have around 10 words including:  Daddy, kitty, momma, Gagey, bye bye, baby, ball, eat, teeth, hi, yeah, cheese and nana.  You have even strung 2 words together and say ‘bye bye kitty’, or ‘bye bye daddy’. You also sing the ‘Bubble Guppies’ theme song and try to say your friends’ names at school.  You also sign a TON.  You know the signs for eat, please, thank you, bath, naughty, water, milk, more, daddy and hot.  Although we feel like you don’t know many words, it seems you understand every command we give you.  You still LOVE to eat and that’s probably the most frequent thing you ask for.  Next is bath…you will stop anything you’re doing (even throwing a fit) to climb up the stairs for your bath.  You love to splash in the water and play with your bath toys. 

Because of your love for food and milk, you are quickly outgrowing most of your clothes.  At least we have a never ending wardrobe and can just continue to dig out the next appropriate size.   You’ve outgrown all 12 month onesies or head to toe outfits. Even some of your 12-18  pants won’t button around your expanding midsection.  I am scared that next week at your 15 mo. appt, Dr. Bauer may mention your belly.  They still call you ‘Squish’ at daycare and if you’re asked to find your pudge, you know where to look.  Some of your favorite things right now are music, Bubble Guppies and your Fisher Price house.  You still love whatever Gage is playing with and you have a few books you’re obsessed with but most you won’t let us read past the 1st 2 pages.  It’s really quite funny- you bring us books or let us begin new books but by 2 pages in you already know whether you’ll listen or close it and say ‘bye bye’.  Ezra, you love Ace- oh God, do you love him.  And bless his heart, you full on tackle him weighing at least 3x him and he lets you.  I don’t know why he hasn’t caught on to running yet, but it hasn’t seemed to faze him.  You are particularly naughty these days and are  It’s very hard to keep you contained.  You constantly pull at the Christmas tree or try to get things you can’t have.  You love to stack things so that you can climb then and most often try to climb things that can’t be.  As active as you, it must wear you out.  You are a pretty good sleeper at night I have to say.  You usually sleep from about 7p-6a.  You might wake up once or twice for a new diaper, but that’s usually the extent.  I am sure I am jinxing myself, but you haven’t been up for any length of time for quite a while.  Although in the last few weeks you’ve been slightly whinier at night due to about 84 teeth popping up in your head.  You just cut your 1st molar and I’ m pretty sure at least 2 more are on their way. 

I wish I’d been blogging these last 3 months, I could probably tell you what we’ve been up to, but it all seems to be a blur.  You had your birthday of course and then celebrated Halloween as a lobster.  You loved riding around in the wagon- it was a very nice night.  You celebrated Gage’s 4th birthday and had your 1st plane ride.  We went to Austin to visit your Daddy’s family and it was a pretty awesome trip.  We’ve of course visited Nana and Grandiddy and they’ve been here as well.  You got to snuggle with your Auntie just 3 weeks before she died early last month.  She sure loved you and your brother.  These next few weeks will be pretty exciting as well.  Your 1st Xmas that you’ll get to open gifts and your Grandma and Grandpa from TX will be visiting! 

Just 2 weeks ago, you got to play in your 1st snow, sled for the 1st time and visit Santa Clause.  No fear there, again, you toddled right on up to him and climbed right up in his lap.  You LOVE to smile and laugh and how could I forget, your ABSOLUTE favorite thing in all the world is peek a boo.  Something that cracks your teachers up at school is every time anyone says funny or silly, not even to you, but in passing, you CRACK up- thinking you must be in on the joke as well.  Ezra, although you are crazy, we LOVE you and our lives would be lacking without you.  Gage loves you too and although you’ve become an annoyance later when you want to take his toys or take a bite out of his leg or arm, he still loves to play with you and show you things.  I can’t believe how fast you are growing up and I’m thankful for my cell phone where I occasionally jot down milestones, etc.  Life is almost too quick these days and although your baby book will never be comparable to Gage’s, I swear I’m writing down things as much as I can- without missing out on the important things- being in the moment with you too.  I would be amiss if I didn’t mention in this letter your complete obsession with your Daddy and how much you LOVE him these days.  I felt like the babysitter the other day as he left and you cried and cried for him and couldn’t be soothed. Every chance you get you’re in his arms and it’s a great relationship to watch.  Hopefully I’ll be back next month to write you another letter when you move up to the next class at school and down to one nap a day!  Wow!  My baby is growing up.  I love you Ezra Jude, my little dude!  Merry Christmas!

Love Momma

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