Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Break...

Last month, I read a post that intrigued me.  It was an 'August Break', a time when one blogger just posted pictures for the entire month instead of actually posting words.  It was her way of taking a virtual break.  Although I'm sure I will have TONS to write about this month with the start of school and daycare, I will be taking a September break from blogging and post only pictures.  Aside from my birthday wishes and my 10 month letter to Gage, I won't be writing anything until October 1st.  I am sure many things will happen and I will need to document them somewhere so I can catch you all up in October, but it is my time to spend with my family and friends and as much as I have loved blogging this summer, it has taken up quite a bit of my free time.  I probably will still do some reading of blogs.  I will also probably lose some followers because my blog just won't be the same, and if I do, so be it.  I'm sure that it will be well worth it to spend the evenings that will become quite busy again with my husband and maybe even catch up on some much needed sleep.  So, pictures it is....until October 1st.

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Kerri said...

Well, I will miss you. But I look forward to seeing pictures of your cutie and I completely understand needing a break for a while. I know how busy you're going to be.

PS- Too bad we don't live closer. I could use a biatch like you to complement my pushover personality. ;)

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