Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dear Ezra- 7 months

Dearest Ezra

You continue to get bigger and older on me each month.  How exactly does that work?  Seven months is closer to a year than it isn't.  That's just crazy.  This letter only comes 2 days late, pretty good, if I do say so myself....ha.  Ezra, you are such a happy child.  You only get upset when your bottle is done, the milk's not coming fast enough or we sneak veggies in between bites of fruit.  You are eating 2 meals a day now- breakfast and dinner- although day care would like to believe you need more solid food, but I'll hold off on that until next month. 

At 7 months Ezra, you weigh about 17 lbs and are quickly outgrowing your 6 month clothes.  You are pretty much in all 9 months, although 6 months pants fit you in length.  Some of Gage's old pants still fit b/c they're old and stretched out, but your fat belly and booty, I might add, make it difficult for you to wear some 6 month pants.  Although you still don't like to nap at school, you take a 9am, noon and 4pm nap here at home.  They are short, but consistent.  Now, we just have to figure out how to get you to sleep at school.  I pick you up at 4pm, you nap until 5pm, you eat b/w 515-530pm and go to bed by 615pm.....I have no time with you during the week and it makes me sad.  At least summer is just around the corner.  Just this weekend, I can see 2 more teeth sprouting through your gums, funny though, it's your top eye'll look quite amusing if they come fully in before the other 2-4 in between.  You are officially sleeping through the night and have been since Easter.  You eat around 5am before you go to school, then you have bottles at 9am, noon and around 3pm.  You eat again after your solid dinner, right before you go to bed and sleep all the way through the night.  In the last month, you have mastered sitting and although we still put a Boppy around you if we walk away, you're getting pretty good at sitting on your own and catching yourself if you fall.  Lately you enjoy playing with your dinosaur popper and musical turtle.  This month you have started taking a bath in your ducky tub and it won't be long until you get to play in the big bathtub with Gage.  I tell you, Mommy is counting down the days 'til that, it will make bath nights SO much easier.

You have become quite the giggle box lately and you still love to watch Gage.  You are trying your hardest to get where you want to go by inching and rolling.  You aren't quite 'mobile' yet, but I have a feeling next month's letter will be much different.  You also have one consonant sound....not the normal 'b' or 'd', but 'g'.  Perhaps you're trying to say Gage's name.  Leave it to my kids for Daddy not to be your 1st word.  You still love to sleep in the car and took your 1st ride in the big boy stroller today.  I want to get you out in the jogging stroller but the wheels are flat....gotta fix that.  Nothing too exciting since your last letter, but in the next month, you'll get to celebrate your 1st Mother's Day and hopefully get to play on the beach for the 1st time. 

I'm at a loss, other than to say, we love you so much Ezra and you continue to bring joy into our lives every day.  It's awesome to watch yet another one of my kids grow up and both of you change so much each and every week.  I'm counting down the weeks until I get to spend the whole summer with both of you!  I'm super excited to see what kind of trouble we can get into!  We love you so much, Ezra Jude!

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