Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What's Been Going On...

I want to blog so bad guys, I really do.  I want to let you know what's going on with us and tell you how we spend our weekends, but by the end of the day I'm just too exhausted.  I have good intentions, especially Sunday nights to sit down and write out a few posts for the week.....it just doesn't happen.  Any free time I have I want to read other people's blogs, watch TV or just chill out.  I have things I want to document on here, if not for anyone other than myself, but time just catches up with me and it just doesn't happen.  Our weeknights around here are pretty routine and there's little to no time for anything until the boys go to bed and then I start the routine of getting ready for the next day.  So not much to tell then, but I'd like to share our weekends sometime.  At least I'm still going with my Project 52 so I'll at least know something that went on each week of 2013.  There are a few posts I'd like to write too, for sake of a baby book. 

This past weekend was amazing weather, not amazing like 80-degree-summer-came-too-soon like last week, but like mid 60s to 70s. Gage got to go on a play date, to the park with Daddy and for a family walk. And we ate entirely too much ice cream in the last week.  Ezra didn't get to spend too much time outside, but I'm going to try soon to get him out in the grass for some fresh air. 

Speaking of Ezra, when we were at his 6 month well check, which I'm pretty sure I didn't post about the doctor called him weak and lazy.  I wasn't offended but he was definitely not trying to show off for her that day.  She said he'd be a late crawler, but so was Gage so again, I wasn't surprised.  However, Ezra has proved to be very different than Gage in every way and this will be no different.  Ezra will crawl before Gage.  Gage could rotate at this age, as Ezra does, but E is almost up on all fours and at times, inching with his hiney in the air.  He has moved forward, by half rolling and half inching.  I know some kids roll to get places, Gage never did, but I think Ezra is for sure gonna figure it out.  He does a whole lot less 'flying' now and more getting up on his knees now.  It definitely won't be long.

Currently, Gage is still taking his music class on Sundays and is obsessed with all things marching bands and musical instruments.  He is also obsessed with Jake and the NeverLand Pirates and can quote the entire opening scene.  His obsessions seem to change weekly/monthly, but when he becomes fixated on something, boy does he?  Is this normal toddler behavior?  I'm thinking it probably is, but since he's my first one, I guess I really don't know.  Gage continues to crack us up on a regular basis- he is really quite the witty, funny kid these days.

What's in store for us?  This weekend Ezra is 7 months old, HOLY COW and I'm hosting a jewelry party while Gage and Luke head down to Blacksburg for Gage's 1st ever live football game.  Hopefully another update won't be so long coming.

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