Sunday, December 13, 2009

29th birthday and a visit to Santa!

Gage's mommy turned 29 on Friday and it was probably the most uneventful birthday ever! ha...I think it's finally real that our birthday's don't matter too much anymore and that Gage is now the center of our world. We took Gage to see Santa Friday morning, hoping to get there before Santa was too germy. And holy crap, look at the size of Santa, isn't he larger than life?? Grandma Sandi found him a very cute Christmas outfit that he was able to get his picture taken in.

I got some very nice presents from Luke and am looking forward to my post natal massage and shopping spree. I also had been asking for Rockband for about 3 years now and I think it's funny that Luke has decided that now that we have a child, it would be an appropriate time to buy it for me! However, I'm sure Gage will have a blast listening to his Mommy and Daddy rock out!

Oh we found him more snow suits but they were way expensive. We settled instead for a little coat/warmie that looks like a bear and a winter hat from Gymboree. They were having a great sale.

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