Monday, December 7, 2009

Gage's 1st snowfall, power outage and Xmas tree

Gage saw his 1st snowfall when he was 3 weeks old! Too bad he won't remember it, but we had to make sure to dress him and take him outside anyway so that we would have pictures to prove it. His snowsuit was ridiculous and could fit he and 3 others in it, so we put him in it, took pictures and are hoping to take it back afterwards;).

We also decorated our Xmas tree on Saturday and right in the middle, the power went out and we were in the pitch dark for 2 hours. Oh well, we all had a good excuse to take a nap. I don't have pictures of the tree yet or GAge in front of the tree, but they are yet to come. I still need to find him a Xmas outfit to wear when he visits Santa Claus on Friday. Leaving tomorrow for a couple of hours to go to a meeting for grad school...woo hoo!

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