Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's been a few days....

Not really sure why?  I'd been pretty good about blogging lately.  Usually I have more to say at the beginning of the week because of the weekend and then trail off at the end.  However, this week I don't have much to share.  Thursday Gage and I visited the zoo with my bestie from college, her sister and her little girl, Lauren, Gage's future girlfriend.  Unfortunately, I got zero pictures.  I'm kind counting on Jennifer to send me a few.  It was harder than I thought to push an empty stroller and to chase a toddler around a zoo- I didn't have any time to take pictures.  We have been there several times before so I didn't really need to take any of the animals, but I'd like to have gotten a few of the kids.  Thursday afternoon after nap we went swimming at a friend's pool.

Friday, Daddy was off work and I went in to work for a few hours.  We're supposed to go in a few days over the summer and usually in my case that doesn't happen often, so I thought I'd get a few things done before we ventured to the beach this week.  Yesterday was a pretty laid back day and we took advantage of tax free shopping to buy Gage some new Fall clothes.  This morning we went one more place and later on we might go swimming.  All in all, pretty much the most UNeventful weekend we've had lately.  Gage and I have been so busy during the week these days that it was nice to not do anything this weekend.  And as always, we're off again tomorrow.....headed to the beach for 4 days with Nana and Grandiddy.  After tomorrow it's supposed to be cooler weather, so we're looking forward to it.  I'll try and get up a few posts  before I leave.  Have a good week.  Stay cool!

Oh, I did get to run twice this week!  C25K, what?  Yeah, I know, better late than never though.  I still have my 20  min. run to do by Wednesday.  I'm seriously doubting that one's gonna happen, but we'll see.

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