Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sometimes you're just ready....

To get home from a vacation that is. I was looking forward to coming to the beach so badly and the weather was beautiful, so we cant complain there. But sometimes when we're out of town, I'm just ready to get back to our life and our home, you know?

Especially since its the beginning of my summer. Gage and I have lots planned but he has one more week of school before our summer is in full swing! So I'll enjoy my last week of hanging out before staring another tenure of being a SAHM for the summer. Hope to get back to regular blogging as well! See you then!

No WW for me in weeks, I know, because I am always forgetting to take pictures with my phone and uploading photos here (OBX) is just not an option. Until next week....

Oh and the Os, they will be back!

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