Friday, May 24, 2013

Dear Ezra- 8 months

Dear Ezzy Pie-

8 months!  I can hardly believe it.  I feel like I'm missing you grow up.  As much as I'm nervous about being home with both you and Gage all summer, I cannot wait to see more of you.  It's silly but I feel like I'm missing things with you because I literally see you for about 1.5 hr a day.  (I'm pretty sure it was like this with Gage too, I just don't remember very well.)  I just can't get any more time with you right now and you need your sleep to be happy worse than I need to play with you, so I'm counting down the next month so that we can spend more time together!  Currently, you are a terrible napper at school (hence needing to sleep the entire time you're home during the week) and it's starting to frustrate me.  You've been there for 6 months and I can count on one hand how many times you've taken a decent nap.  But man, are you a trooper!  You are so happy to see Momma when I pick you up and I want so much to play at home at night and you do too, but you just can't stay awake long enough.  And I can't be selfish and make you stay up just so we can play.

Man, this letter has a sorry tone.  Sorry about that, little man, just fresh in my head at the moment.  Let's talk more about how awesome it is to see you getting stronger, smarter and quicker every day.  I feel like you have grown so much in the last month.  Let's see- you are now crawling- it just happened one afternoon and you didn't take it slow, you were full force and have been going ever since- even on the beach 3 days after you learned.  It's still a belly crawl, but I don't think you're even interested in getting up on your knees since you can get anywhere you want to go at this point.  We literally cannot turn our back.  You are across the room in a matter of seconds chewing on a cord or trying to steal Gage's toys.  It won't be long have tried to pull up on a couple of different things.  You haven't quite been successful but I expect it anytime.  Speaking of Gage, since you have learned to crawl, you crawl up to him and in his lap trying to take whatever it is that he is playing with.  Of course at this point, he doesn't realize you just want to play and doesn't understand why you're pulling at him.  But you love your brother so and it's so obvious.  I just can't wait 'til you guys have that mutual feeling and can express it.

You have just started eating 3 meals a day and started finger foods.  You're actually not bad and because you like putting things in your mouth so much, it comes natural.  With the increase in food, you have started to drink a whole lot less milk.  It makes me kind of sad that you're growing up and I'm not sure if this was the case with Gage at this point.  He wasn't in school at this age so I have no idea how much he really took in, but at least the liquid that you're getting at school is still coming from me!  You weigh around 18lbs, but are growing so quickly out of your clothes.  You wear mostly 9 month clothing but seem to be busting out of that some days.  Not sure how long you are, but I guess I should check that out pretty soon...don't think I've even measured you outside the doctor's office.  You are still an awesome sleeper at night, although in the last month buddy, you've had some rough nights.  Poor thing- you had a fever for 4 days at the beginning of the month and slept with us for almost a week.  That was followed by an ear infection and it took a good 10 days probably for you to get back in your bed and comfy- but we succeeded and you're happy.  In the last few days you've been a little restless because your top two teeth are coming in and they sure do look like they hurt.  I'm ready for them to bust through since that's when 'they' say they stop hurting.  Just like your brother, you're going to have a big gap, but oh well, it gives you personality!  You still love your dinosaur popper the best, but you also like to play in your Exersaucer, door way bouncer, love your crib aquarium soother and will scale the room to get to your tool bench.  You also want to play with whatever Gage has.  You aren't quite sure how you feel about your Learning House and your dancing donkey yet.  This week you did get to take a bath with your brother one night in the big boy tub since Daddy wasn't home and Mommy was trying to get you both in and out quickly.  You loved it though and I have a feeling, many more baths together are in your future.   Your only consonant sound is still 'g', I'm so curious to know what your 1st word will be.

In the last month, you have helped me celebrate my 1st Mother's Day as a Mommy for 2 and gone to the beach for the 1st time!  You tried to eat the sand of course and took your 1st nap under an umbrella.  I can't wait until the next time we get there, you're gonna be a mad man at the end of the summer.  Watch out Ocean!  You'll get to go swimming for the 1st time this weekend and I hope to put you in swim lessons soon.  This month you'll finally get your big boy car seat's just been so easy to continue to carry you in your bucket.  But it's getting to be about that time and I think I need to put it to rest.  You still seem to love it though and take the best naps.  It does make Mommy's arm hurt though and sometimes even go numb!

Ezra, I love your fiery personality- you definitely keep Daddy and I on our toes.  I love that you love Gage so much and I just can't wait for you to be the best of friends.  You are quite the handful sometimes, but a joy more so!  I am so fortunate to be able to stay at home with you this summer and watch you grow.  I really do have the best of both worlds!  I still love cuddling you at night before you go to bed, but unfortunately you're a busy boy these days and don't love it as much as you used to.  You prefer to lay down when you're tired and you are usually asleep within a few minutes.  I feel like there's so much more to say and to describe you but the thing that sticks out the most is just how happy you are and how good natured.  Everyone comments on your big smile and big eyes!  Ezra, you are loved so much.  I honestly don't know where the last 8 months have gone, but I am looking forward to more.  I just wish I had more time to write about you and your brother and to keep these memories forever.  I love you my Ezzy Pie!

Love Your Momma

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