Saturday, May 25, 2013

Stream of Conciousness

I wish I had time to blog more.  I wish I had time to catch up on all of the stuff that I should've blogged about.  Instead I think I'll just pick up from here.

I measured my kids' waists tonight.  They are the same.  17 inches.  That's how fat E is/skinny  Gage is.  E is wearing the same swim trunks this summer that Gage did the summer before he was 2.

I hate Windows 8, anyone w/ me?  It's already freaked out on me twice during this post.

It's Memorial Day weekend and it was 55 today...hmm...not very pool like if you ask me.  Good thing I have all summer. 

Gage told me he ate 'antelope' yesterday for lunch.

Gage takes about an hour and a half each night to go to sleep.  AND he doesn't nap at home= cranky kid.  Any suggestions??

I wish I had time to workout, but it's kind of advised not to run after dark if you're a girl, unless you run REALLY fast, which I don't.  If I did, I probably wouldn't need to work out.

I have 17 days of work left 'til August.

I wish I had time to read more.

I really need someone to help me fix the header on this thing so I can have pictures of both my boys.  Can anyone help?

I used to love my slow cooker.  It broke, so I bought a new one. This new one went in the trash Th. pm. after it had burned about its 48th thing.  I thought slow cookers weren't supposed to burn things.  Anyone have one that's not Crock Pot brand they really love?

Gage is funny and cracks us up.

Ezra is a champ at finger foods.

I like posts like this b/c I can write a bunch of stuff down but it doesn't have to make sense or be cohesive.

I have a lot of errands to run, which means money to spend.  I wish I had more money.

Gage went bowling for the 1st time this am.  I'll post some pics tomorrow.

Ok, I think that's it for tonight. 

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