Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dear Gage- 3.5

Dear Gage

I cannot believe that this past Tuesday, my sweet baby turned 3 and a half.  I swear you have grown astronomically in the last 6 months.  Although you haven't gotten much beefier and still weigh about 28lbs and wear 18 mos. shorts and swim trunks, your jeans and shirts are clearly too short and it's finally proof that you're growing! 

Gagey baby, you are soo soo smart.  Again, you'll read this in just about every letter, but I just can't say it enough.  I am so so proud of you and Daddy and I know how blessed we truly are to have you in our lives.  Shortly after your birthday you learned to write your name and although we haven't practiced as much with you as we want, it is still fairly legible.  You love to practice spelling your friends names and ask often how to spell certain words or how to read others.  You are awesome at IDing 1st letter sounds and are hardly ever wrong.  That's probably one of your favorite parts about preschool.  However, your teacher reports you love numbers and like to help everyone with the date each day.  She also talks about how hilarious you are and she always has funny stories to share. 
You have just recently learned to pee in the potty standing up and are super proud of yourself.  It took a year but I'm ok w/ that- any sooner and we would probably have dealt with a lot more messes.  We've also taken off the rail on your big boy bed and you have given up Soothie Bear and your Nuk!  (You gave up your Nuk months ago to Santa Claus, but it is just another part of you growing up.)  You are super clever and very intuitive, you are always watching and know exactly what's going on.  You have your moments of sassiness but mainly when you're tired or having a bad day you're super whiny.  Overall I'd say you're a pretty darn good listener for your age.

At 3.5, you wear mostly 2T shirts w/ some 3T mixed in.  Only 2T with adjustable waist shorts fit or 18 mos. otherwise, size 7.5 shoe.  I'm not quite sure how tall you are, but I guess based on the 1st paragraph, I need to measure you soon.  Your very favorite things are still musical instruments and I don't believe there is a day that goes by that you don't play multiple ones.  You also LOVE to watch marching bands on YouTube and like to pretend that you're in one on a daily basis.  You love Jake and the NeverLand Pirates and can recite tons of episodes.  You love your baby brother (and playing with his toys), but hate that he can now move and take toys from you.  You are enrolled in two different music classes, one at school and one at Gymboree.  We can't wait until you can take some formal lessons of your own.  You also still love books and are finding new favorites all the time.

The last few months have been a little rough on  you-there have been lots of changes at daycare and Mommy worries.  You have lost a few teachers and friends in the last few months and its taken some getting used to.  You seem to take it all in stride although I know it affects you in some way.  This has been probably one of the biggest challenges for you in the last 6  months.  Some of your favorite friends to play with are Xander, Sawyer and Sam.  You love to talk about Charlie and Katherine from school and although you don't see him often, you love Jake as well.  In the last few months, you've gotten to hang with your Nana and Grandiddy of course, but also got to see your Uncle B and hang with your Aunt Annie, Uncle Mark and new baby cousin, Sloane.  You didn't see much snow this year and only got to play in it once or twice.  You did get to go to your 1st Va Tech game with Daddy when you guys went down to the Spring game last month.  You've started to give up your naps at home and I can't remember the last time you actually slept (although you have quiet time each day) but you still manage to sleep almost every day at school- probably because you get up so early during the week.  You are still the pickiest eater and I've almost given up at begging you.  We've been pretty lazy lately and usually just fix you something we know you'll eat during the week.  One thing you have tried recently that you've liked are tacos, so at least it's 1 more thing I can make that you'll actually eat.  It's just so frustrating that sometimes when I try to make a meal that I think you'll like and you eat none of it.

It's just a few short weeks away that you'll get to stay at home with Ezra and I for the summer and although it will be challenging, Mommy's really looking forward to that time with you.  I feel that it's so brief now and routine.  I hope to go swimming, to the beach and to visit Nana and Grandiddy.  We're also supposed to be flying to TX to visit your Grandma, Grandpa and cousins this summer. 

Honestly Gage, I love picking you up from school every day and hearing how your day went and what you learned.  You are a sponge and you have a passion for learning.  I love watching you grow on a daily basis and am so proud of the boy you're becoming.  I wish I could take all the credit, but somehow God just made you laid back, easy going, sensitive and smart.  I know there are things I'm missing in this letter, but my brain is fried right about now.  We love you so much Gage and we always will.  I can't wait to see what the next 6 months have in store for us and I can't even imagine you'll turn 4!  Always looking forward to what you'll say next.  Happy 3.5 years, Gage!

Love Mommy


Kerri said...

Wow. Where does the time go?! Happy half birthday to Gage. He sounds like a smart little man!

Heather said...

Awww, he's growing up too fast!! I hope you and your boys have a wonderful summer together. When does summer officially start?? Our last day with the kiddos is June 7th, but my contract date isn't technically over until the 14th. We'll see if the baby keeps me working that long though. ;o) My goal is to make it through the first week of June.

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