Friday, August 2, 2013

Dear Ezra- 10 months

Yeah yeah yeah, late again- it was written last week if that counts for anything.

Dear Ezra-

In just 8 weeks, we will be celebrating your 1st birthday.  I never really got it when I read other parent’s posts/letters/comments about how they want time to stand still and how their babies grow up so fast, but oh my God- it really IS flying by.  One year is just crazy.  I can’t believe we’ve come this far.  You are my little firecracker and there is never a dull moment when you’re around.  You keep Momma on her toes.  You have the sweetest smile and your giggle could melt anyone’s heart but you sure do like to make it known when you’re unhappy.  Your teeth continue to make you mad- they just always seem to be rightthere and just enough to make you hurt.  You still are a biter and quite frankly I’m not really looking forward to the phone calls next year from daycare. 
I feel  like you’re finally turning that corner to understanding and communicating.  This is the time that Gage started talking and although you haven’t yet, you definitely have your ‘sound’ for the kitties and whether we say their name or you see them, it’s always the same.  You can say ‘dada’ although I’m not completely sure you’re associating it, you definitely know it’s something we want you to say.  You have started signing ‘milk’ when you want to eat although now it seems like you just like to sign it for fun as well.  You know how to high five and think it’s pretty hilarious and you are consistently waving hi and bye.  I just can’t wait to hear more of your little voice.  I can only hope you’re as verbal as Gage this early on. 

One major difference in you and Gage at this age is your eating habits.  There is NOTHING you will not eat.  That is. aside from anything that appears to be baby food.  You have no use for it anymore- all you want is what we’re eating and you want it ALL.  You eat twice as much as Gage at a sitting and most of the time I wonder if we should cut you off.  I don’t even know how much a baby your age should be eating but I have a feeling it’s less than what we give you.  In turn, milk is pretty much a dessert for you, which is fine.  You still nurse 4 times a day, 2 of which I don’t think you really care too much about.  But I think we’re gonna make it, dude- all the way to a year!  Your favorite foods right now are oranges like your brother, turkey, cheese and just about everything else! 
I’m not really sure where you’re putting all the food but you are wearing a combination of 9 and 12 month clothing.  You seem to have the same short legs as Gage but a much rounder belly.  Speaking of Gage, the time has come that you guys are really starting to ‘play’ together.  Of course, you still think he’s the greatest ever and he’s starting to feel the same.  When you’re upset in the car, he comforts you by making you laugh.  He says things like ‘it’s ok, Ezzy, we’re almost home’, like he’s heard me say.  The other day you guys played for almost an hour together- it warms my heart to see you interact.  You are still quite the mover and don’t ‘play’ very well unsupervised.  You are still chasing cords, cats and shoes.  You do however like the kitty piano, dancing and playing with trains and cars and the Little People garage.  You like Gage’s blocks and like to bang them together.  You sit slightly longer than you used to for books, although you’re not the scholar your brother was.  You are now full on crawling on your knees, cruising around anything and everything and can stand for a few seconds alone.  You don’t seem to be too interested yet, so I’m still guessing it’s going to be around 13 months before you’re ready to take your 1st steps.  You finished swim lessons this week and seemed to enjoy them for the most part.  You still aren’t the biggest fan of the pool (much to Gage’s dismay) but maybe next summer when you have a little more freedom you’ll like it better.  For now, you don’t like being contained in your float.  It is much more tolerable though in the afternoon when there’s some shade.  You don’t seem to be a fan AT ALL of the sun and you’re not a fan of your hat either, so that’s kind of a problem. 

Unfortunately, you’re back to being a crappy napper and don’t seem to break an hour most days.  You also started sleeping in a bit this summer but are back to your 6am wakings and refusing to go back to sleep.  You do still go to bed right around 7pm though with a full belly.  You have taken to screaming at me though when it’s just the 2 of us and I put you in your crib to play because I have to get something done.  You DO NOT LIKE it when I ignore you.  You are kind of high maintenance like that.  You do like your doorway bouncer though and can at least tolerate it for a bit of time… long as you can see me….grrr.
In the last month, you have taken your 1st trip to Dutch Wonderland and stayed in your 1st hotel!  You have stayed home most of the month with Gage and I and we have had our ups and downs.   You’ve tagged along to the bounce house, eaten at Chick Fil A, seen your brother do gymnastics, enjoyed music at the mall, gotten your pics taken with your brother (you’re much more photogenic than him;)), hung with Nana and Grandiddy, gone to SplashDown and taken your 2nd trip to the beach!  You’ll help Daddy celebrate his 34th birthday on Saturday and we have 3 more weeks together before we head down to the OBX for our final vacay of the summer.  It’s crazy how quick our summer has flown by and how much you’ve grown.  I just can’t believe you are growing up so fast.  I love you my Ezzy dear- you keep me on my toes.  Although our snuggles are few and far between, they are special to me and your giggles light up all of our lives!  We love you, Squishy!

Love, Momma



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