Saturday, August 24, 2013

Project 52: Week 32 and 33

Yeah, so there was vacation you know and life and stuff.  So here are the last few weeks of August all at once.

Week 32:  (Aug 4-10)  Only 3 pictures this week, boo!  And all of Gage! We had a mini golf play date and a lunch date with Daddy.  We did meet up with friends at a pretty cool park with a carousel and train, but no pics of that.

Horrible picture quality-damn iPhone

I have no idea what this face is even about.

Too bad he's not wearing Old Navy clothes, right?
 Week 33:  (Aug 11-17)  Only 3 again, I guess that's my average.  I mean I have more than 3 pictures a week, just not on 3 different days...blah.  Gage ended up being sick this week so we were sequestered to the house for 3 days before our beach trip.  Guess nothing exciting to take pics of.
My boys

My am snuggle buddies


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