Saturday, August 10, 2013

Project 52: Week 29 and 30

Ok, so it's not really a Project 52 anymore, but it's just a lot of pictures broken down by weeks;)

Week 29 (July 14-20)- OMG, complete fail!  Now it really is over.  I have ZERO pictures from this week, what the hell did we do?  Looking back at my calendar, this was our super busy, super fun week.  Guess we were having so much fun I didn't bother to take any pictures.  We had a bounce house playdate on Monday, AJ over on Tuesday, a swim playdate on Wed. and Thursday (Oh, wait, I have ONE picture a friend sent me!) and I had a much needed pedicure on Saturday!


Week 30 (July 21-27)- Luke's bday week and our long weekend beach getaway.  Can you believe no pictures of the birthday- we spent the entire day in the car, but then had ice cream and cake on Sunday instead.  Here are my boys enjoying the beach and the rest of the week.


Playing together

Road trip- go O's

Always happy at the beach

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