Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Pardon the random stream-of-consciousness post....

As I sit here and type this, I'm listening to Gage not be able to nap b/c he has a nasty cough.  Seems like ever since his birthday he's been sick....grrr.  I'm ready for it to be over!  We've been dealing with antibiotic after antibiotic for ear infections and we're looking at tubes next.  Luke took him Mon. pm to the dr. to check on his ears and they said there was no infection, but gave us a  prescription anyway in case he starts to run another fever.  I'm trying to avoid the antibiotic if at all possible.  They listened to his lungs too and said everything sounded clear, yet his cough is getting worse.  Plus, his top 2 teeth arethisclose to busting through his gums.  It makes me hurt to even look at them.  I think my child truly will get his 2 front teeth for Christmas! Which I guess will be kinda neat.

In other news, I know that it's ENTIRELY too early to be thinking of potty training but for the last 3 nights in a row, Gage looks up at us while he plays and says 'poo poo'. Where he even learned poo poo from, I have no clue.  Anyway, he says poo poo and then about 3 mins. later, he poops!  Are you kidding me?  A 13 month old knows when he's going to poop?  That's like the number one thing with potty training is that the kid has to know before he goes.  We're thinking of buying a potty, just to show him where he would go if he does have to 'poo poo'.

We are still fighting the bottle battle.  Ask me again how it makes sense that a child that only had bottles 40% of his life is sooo attached??  I am pretty sure he would rather starve hisself instead of drink milk from a sippy. We have cut out the afternoon bottle and only offer him milk in a sippy cup.  He just doesn't drink it, hasn't for a week and doesn't plan to.  He'll just have 2 bottles a day and that's all the milk he gets. Doesn't seem to phase him.  Please someone tell me how to get my kid to drop the bottles, the dr. doesn't seem to think it should be that hard and have met not ONE real live person who has ever had this problem....grrrr.

Gage's vocabulary is growing daily and although he still has no interest in walking, he definitely wants to talk.  Lately he's added 'kiss tree' for Christmas tree, 'tree' for any kind of Xmas lights, 'boo', 'pee ah boo', 'hi' and 'bye'  and he can 'meow' like a kitty.  He still cannot say Momma, however, we have noticed that when he 'moos' like a cow, he really 'boos' and that he really doesn't say the mmmm sound at all.  Now, every time we say Momma or point to my picture, he says 'Babu' so maybe that's just his way of saying 'Momma'.  Oh well, it'll satisfy me for now.  Babu is better than Daddy, right;)

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