Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gage's aversion to photographers

As you all know by now, I'm a delinquent blogger and we had so much going on this week that I never had time to sit down to write, although there were several topics I cared to discuss.  I have found that in the few seconds of free time I have each day, I'd rather read people's blogs than to write my own.  Right now, I sit here while Gage naps knowing I need to clean my house and not blog, so I'll just post quickly.

It has come to our realization that Gage has an aversion to professional  photographers.  The very 1st time Gage was photographed at 2 mos. old, an old friend of mine at home did the pictures and since he had never gone before, he had no idea what he was getting into.  He did great and only got fussy when it was time to eat.  The pictures came out very special and we were excited to have some more when he was older when he started to sit, stand, etc. 

We scheduled his 6 mo. pictures right on time and he ended up having a slight fever the am of the pictures.  So we cancelled and moved on.  The next weekend, we ended up taking him in to Picture People, and although we got a few cute pictures, we had an awful experience.  I think that was the beginning of the end for him.  He decided, hell no, no more photographers. 

He turned 9 months old in August and we scheduled more pictures, this time at Target, having heard positive reviews from a few friends.  The night before the pictures Gage got a horrible runny nose.  He wasn't really sick, but had yellow, sometimes, green snot running down his face so we decided we'd  postpone 'til the next weekend.  Ironically enough, it seemed the next day Gage was fine again. The next weekend came and Gage ended up w/ another fever and we weren't sure what was wrong but we didn't want to chance a grumpy child, so once again we rescheduled.  Mind you, this is about 3 times now that I had changed the appt.   I  had gone on the website, b/c it's so easy to do online and had changed my mind like 439 times on what time would be best.  Once again, nothing came of the fever.  So at 10 months, Gage finally went to Target to get his 9 months pictures taken.  The lady even went as far as to say she thought we were a 'bogus' family b/c I had made and cancelled so many appt's in the last few weeks.

Because we just got pictures at 10 months and the very next week got school pictures taken, Luke really didn't want to spend any more money on pictures at a year old, but I insisted we needed at least a few.  The weekend after Gage turned 1 came and went and w/ all the commotion I never scheduled anything.  So I decided that it might be nice to get them done over T'giving and my Mom could come.  I figured she'd enjoy it.  Appt. was made for the Sat. after T'giving.  That day our never-fussy chlid pitched a big old fit while we were dressing him for pictures and I thought...oh great.  He had gotten in the habit of napping in the late afternoon so I thought he should have another good hour in him.  Needless to say, we get to Sears, there's  3948 people waiting (my fault, we got there too early) and after waiting a half hour, he had a complete meltdown when we got in for pictures.  I think the lady took 2 before he crumbled to the floor in a tantrum throwing mess.  He did the baby flop and wouldn't cooperate at all.  I decided it was best just to leave and that was that.  After a nap, he was good to go.  I, however, had decided to give up on 1 year pictures.

Fast forward to this weekend when I said, Dammit, I've got to have some kind of picture for his 1st birthday and it's so close to Christmas that I might as well dress him in some holiday garb as well.  Target is running a special where you can get greeting cards and 2 other pics for like $30, so I thought perfect.  Also, I was able to get the 1st appt. this am so we wouldn't have to wait (I had seen that debacle last weekend).  Again, perfect.  7am this morning and my alarm goes off.....not the baby one, but the real one and I thought, I can't believe he's not awake.  Of course, when I went in to get him he was snoring away.  I knew I had to get him up and in the bath if we wanted to make it on time. That's when I realized he was one HOT potato.  Temp....100.7!  Not that this is especially high, but he's never had  a temperature this we thought not sure what the problem is, but I won't torture him getting his picture taken, right?  I mean, he was still sleeping and who wants to get their picture taken after they're drug out of bed. So.....I cancelled the pictures AGAIN, are you kidding me??  After a few minutes, Gage seemed like he felt fine, ate a great breakfast, played all am and giggled, as usual.  Way to fake sick AGAIN, kid!  He seems to be pretty good at it, can't wait 'til high school. 

So what do I do? Try again, or finally throw in the towel??

I know, this post was supposed quick, right?  Off to clean, I go.

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