Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our first experience with Picture People....

....will probably be our last. Although we got some alright pictures, we were very disappointed in our whole visit. I had been warned that Picture People always ran behind, but took good pictures nonetheless. I was pleasantly surprised that we were taken quickly. However, that was the only good part of the experience...

I was then asked to put my baby down on a very DIRTY floor. Now, I'm not one of those Moms who is scared of dirt and germs and I pretty much let my baby put whatever he wants in his mouth (a little dirt never hurt). Anyway, I asked if there was a blanket and the photographer quickly said no, the floor was fine. However, this floor was so dirty that it even showed up in some of the pictures! Later I found a WHITE blanket that would've worked just fine.

Anyway, our photographer kinda sucked and she seemed to be in a rush. In saying all of this, our incredibly happy baby was incredibly serious and just about REFUSED to smile. He smiles ALL the time at home when I sing, when I talk, when Luke makes noises, etc. But today....NOTHING, not one dimple in any picture! Now of course this wasn't the photographers fault; however, just led to the frustration of the session. I think Gage was a little scared, the photographer kept yelling his name and making noises and he didn't know what to make of the whole situation.

So after laying on the dirty floor and getting a few cute pictures sitting up as well, we changed him into another outfit that was the one we REALLY wanted his picture taken in (just in case he puked/pooped the B choice went 1st). So....I explained to the photographer that although he could sit that he sometimes fell over if he reached too far, etc. and again made a comment that it would be nice to have a blanket....a comment that was subesequently ignored. She said not to worry that I could sit in arm's reach because the floor was indeed VERY HARD. Needleas to say, you all know what is coming next. Gage was sitting up facing backwards, because she was trying to get him to look over his shoulder and he looked to0 far and came tumbling backwards. Not sideways to catch himself but flat back to crack his head on the floor. Although I saw the whole thing happening in slow motion, Luke couldn't catch him in time.

Needless to say, the photo shoot was over. I had wanted a few more in the plaid outfit, but now our very SERIOUS baby was now our very UPSET screaming baby. Somehow he avoided a bump and the best thing that came of it was the precious picture in my header which is my favorite picture of the day,taken seconds before he fell.

The photographer quickly left and muttered 'sorry' under her breath and went to edit the pictures. I had never done this before so I wasn't sure how the whole process worked, but she quickly went through all the pictures with us and pressured us to tell her immediately what we wanted. Another reason I was annoyed. She could have easily let us sit and digest them for a mintue but instead stared at us as we tried to make a decision and we ended up regretting getting/not getting certain pictures. At least we had a coupon and saved about $50 overall.

So here they are, what we captured before the fall. We will not be going back to Picture People, I have gotten other good recommedations that we'll check out at the end of the summer. Guess I should have listened sooner. For now, enjoy!

Below is my 2nd favorite picture of the day!

Isn't he sweet?

**side note** the appeared scratch on Gage's cheek on the banner picture as well as some of the others is not on the originals, my scanner must have been dirty:(

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