Monday, May 31, 2010

The weekend continues....

Fortunately for us, the weekend got much better than our portrait experience. Gage has still been in a slightly foul mood and hardly napped today or yesterday but we were super busy and under the circumstances it was understandable. Yesterday before it got too hot and before there were tons of people there we took our 1st visit to the neighborhood pool. Gage loved it and it was SO much warmer than the indoor pool...go figure! His favorite part were the little fountains of water. I took him in the big pool with me but I think he liked just sitting in the baby pool splashing around the best.

After the pool we went to cook out at Howard and Sherri's. Most of the big kids were outside so I didn't get very many pictures, but here is Gage hanging with Adelyn, a 10 month old cutie with HUGE blue eyes and 9 teeth!

Today was filled with LOTS of shopping. We spent way too much money, but got some things we defintely were in need of. We wore poor little Gage out in the process. Here are just a few other pictures from the last couple of days that we think are particularly cute. Btw, we're thinking of entering Gage into the Parents magazine contest for their photo contest. We have to have 6 pictures taken within the last month, so we'll definitely submit some of the professional pictures, but we need a few others with his dimples showing, since he REFUSED to show them on Saturday.

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