Saturday, May 15, 2010

Swim class, our very own wind tunnel and graduation!

Gage's swim class was supposed to start on Monday, so I took him up this past week to get a feel for the pool and to see if I could take a peek at a class to see what it was all about. Silly me, I thought the indoor pool at the Freedom center would be super warm as their website promised, but no no, it was freaking cold! At any rate, Gage didn't mind too much and to say the least it was a new experience for him. He was WAY over stimulated though with all of the new touches, smells, sounds, etc. It wasn't a total hit but wasn't a total disaster either. Something I learned was that it is quite hard to change yourself and a baby after swimming. Anyway after all of this, Gage and I decided that right now 530pm is a little late for a swim class when we still have to come home, get a bath, eat dinner and be up by 530AM, so we've postponed our class 'til later in the summer where if we stay up a bit later it won't matter as much. I am still going to try to take Gage up once a week or so until our neighborhood pool opens. He loves the water and I'm sure he'll get used to the coolness of it.

So last night, Gage got to see his 1st demonstration of the crazy wind that seems to come through our end of the townhouses. He was eating dinner and facing the window, so he stared in amazement of the chairs blowing around on the porch and the ping pong size hail bouncing off. I joked we would lose another shutter. See, we have this problem w/ wind and our house. We've only lived here for 2 years now and the 1st year, we had a shutter blow off, our door mat fly away and our trashcan end up on the other end of the street. The 2nd year we lived here our umbrella smashed into our glass patio table and broke it into 1000's of pieces and our flagpole was ripped out of the brick. So needless to say, I should've known we would lose something. However, I wasn't quite prepared....

Our neighbor (a girl I have never met, because she lives so far down the street) came to our door to tell us that our shutter had done damage to her car. 1st, I thought what are the chances that ANOTHER shutter could have really come off our house? AND what kind of damage can a plastic shutter REALLY do to a car? Well when a shutter flies off of your house, flies 2 doors down and curves around a tree, apparently it CAN smash into the side of a car and break into 48 pieces and make it look like someone has beaten the car w/ a baseball bat. Are you kidding me?!?! AND homeowner's insurance does not cover ACTS OF GOD....sweet. Exactly what I wanted to spend my graduation money on!

Finally, today I graduated w/ my Masters!! woohoo! It's been a long 2 years and a long 6 months of being a mommy, teacher and student, but it's done now. Feel like I wasted my Saturday afternoon, but I guess it's something I should've done. Gage looked handsome in his sweater vest and OF COURSE was the BEST baby ever and even took his nap during the ceremony! I'm telling you, the way he acts as a baby, we are in for it when he is a toddler! Pictures to come....

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