Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pictures canceled:(

Gage didn't seem to feel well this morning and has a runny nose, so we postponed the pictures 'til next Sat. Hopefully he'll be feeling better then! Keep you posted.


Kerri said...

Hey there! So glad you found me. We do seem to have a lot in common. No, I'm not a teacher (yet), but I did start taking classes to get my NC teaching certification! How funny.

Your little guy is a cutie too! It sounds like he's at the exact same point Camden is with a lot of things, which I guess makes sense, since they were born only a few days apart. I'm excited to follow your blog now!

Oh, and did your husband go to VT? If so, what year did he graduate? I'm an '03 grad.

Kerri said...

Oh my gosh, one more thing!! I had forgotten about that "Let them be little" song and I remembered it a couple of days ago & listened to it and just sat there crying like the sappy person I am. And then I saw it's on your playlist!

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