Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Whew...I am worn.out. I think that the bigger Gage gets and the more he eats, the more tired I get! I really need to make sure I'm eating enough to sustain both of us. Not much is new with us over the last few days other than it seems Gage is on a hunger strike of solid foods. He rarely eats breakfast for the sitter and only eats half his dinner. Of course, that might be my fault when I try to make him eat green beans, that he has clearly hated from the get go. Green beans is the only thing he gagged on from the start, but now it seems he has an aversion to bananas as well. He has become quite the picky eater....but I don't want to only feed him what he likes. I mean he's got to eat some greens at some point and can't eat ONLY fruit forever. We also tried turkey last night (which the dr. pretty much promised he would hate). She was right. He gagged on that too, so Mommy decided today to mix green beans and turkey....ha, he got 2 bites down. At this point I guess I just need to make sure he eats something, rather than nothing. In a few short weeks I'll be at home all the time and will have a better grasp at what he will/won't eat in the am.

Yesterday we decided to go for a walk to get some exercise. We waited until 5pm so it wouldn't be so hot, but as soon as we got half way around the block, I realized even that late, it was still SO HOT. We came home and because it was so close to dinner time, decided we would take a swim on the back deck instead of going to the pool. Mommy thought quickly, grabbed the blowup bathtub, filled it up w/ water and Gage got his swim trunks on. He played in the sun in his bathtub and thought it to be wonderful! He didn't know the difference and was just enjoying the weather. I think this weekend I'm going to buy a small baby pool so I don't have to bring the bathtub out. Anyway, Gage enjoyed it so much last night that we gave him a bath outside tonight! Nothing like a naked baby on the deck! hah....noone noticed or cared, but Gage loved the water (as always) and the sun. We're going to try to get back to the real pool soon!

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Kerri said...

That's how Camden was-- at first, he couldn't get enough & loved all solids. Then, slowly, he decided he didn't care for anything except bananas. My sister had the same problem with her first son, and said that she'd literally mix everything w/ bananas to get him to eat some veggies, meat, etc. I was trying that before I switched to making my own baby food.

And yes- I read about your experience with Picture People. Yikes. I would not have been happy, though they did get some cute pictures!We're doing a photo shoot with my sister next week.

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