Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Although Luke hardly reads this blog, I had to change the background in order to honor him for his 1st Father's Day. Today it's almost too hot to do anything outside, but yesterday we were able to get to the pool as a family and go out to eat before the Father's Day rush. Gage was a little grumpy yesterday morning but as soon as we got to the pool, he was in heaven. He loved playing in his new raft but most of all loved to play in the fountains. This time, he had no interest in just putting his hands in them....he wanted to sit on top of them and let the water splash up in his face. He also thought he was pretty darn cute in his sun shades.


Kerri said...

What a cutie!! Love those shades!

Jennifer said...

Baby sunglasses are probably the cutest thing ever!

Stefani said...

I'm so jealous that your little guy will wear shades... Addison is bent on eating them instead of wearing them =] I hope you guys have fun at the beach too... I don't know were you're at but here in the Pacific NW it's been cold and windy so we won't be tanning, that's for sure! I use to edit my pictures, to answer your question. I love it and spent the 24 bucks to get premium access for a year but the free edition has tons of features too... I'm off to get ready and pack the car!

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