Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Some baby...

To quote Charlotte's Web and the guy in front of me at Target yesterday, "That is some baby!". What exactly does 'some baby' mean? I just smiled and kinda awkwardly laughed.
I guess I just didn't know what else to do....suggestions anyone?

Last night we left for the OBX to see Grandma and Grandiddy and get some beach time. We brought along Jamie and Jake...this is Jake's 1st time at the beach. Unfortunately last night's 5 hour car ride was quite the doozy and the boys were up 'til 1am. Today was a combo of catching up on sleep and whiney babies AND a heat index of 105. No beach for us today, just a little pool time...will post pictures when I'm back on the computer again. More beach tomorrow and maybe some shopping or a Cap'n Frank's hotdog!


Kerri said...

Love the OBX! Hey, you're not too far from us now! Have fun. And yes, it is painfully hot out there right now.

To answer your question, no, my parents don't live in NOVA anymore. They followed us down here so they could be close to their grandkids. :) And thanks for your email. I'll write back soon. Our drs appt is on Friday.

Casey Jensen said...

Thanks for the award Amy!!! BTW People are just stupid and say stupid things. And it's seems like people say them more to you when you have children. Your baby is adorable.

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