Saturday, June 12, 2010


is the year my baby boy will graduate from high school. I guess I am being presumptuous by saying this, being that I have no idea what the future holds in store for us.

Some of you may wonder why on Earth I would even think about this, but Friday night as I sat at our high school's graduation and watched parents and family members beaming with pride, I couldn't help but wonder what I'll be feeling in 18 years. As a teacher now seeing these kids mature and blossom over just 4 short years, I can't imagine watching my own son grow up and become a young man. I tried to imagine into what group he would be categorized someday. A slacker. A nerd. An athlete. A skater. A jock. A player. A ladies' man. A class clown. A kid every teacher loves to hate. I've seen them all and they all play a very important role in high school life. I'm comfortable with his falling into any of these, as long as he's happy and healthy. I know I am getting way too far ahead of myself here and again am not even sure what tommorow brings, but every Momma is allowed to dream of her baby boy's future, right?

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