Monday, June 14, 2010

7 months!

This is my 1st letter to my little man and I wish I would've thought of it sooner. I think it will be neat in the future to look back month to month to see where our little guy is at. We have a baby book, but this goes into far more detail. Here goes it...

Dear Gage,

It has been 7 months since our lives changed forever for the better. I dreamt about you for so long and now cannot imagine our lives without you. You bring us more joy than you'll ever know. You are constantly changing and growing and it's such a fun time right now. For the next 10 weeks, it's just you and I, babe. We get to hang out every day and I get to watch you grow bigger, laugh louder and discover the world around you. This summer you'll get to go to the beach, the pool, the aquarium and the zoo. Mommy will hug and squeeze you until you are ready for fall and are excited to go to a new daycare.
Right now you are trying to crawl and have not yet gotten any teeth, although it seems they might show up sooner than later. You are eating 2 solid meals of food a day, although you still prefer fruit and are sometimes a picky eater. It won't be long before Mommy will try to introduce a sippy cup and next month, we hope you'll be eating Cheerios and puffs! YOu are such a busy body and are constantly checking out the world around you. Sometimes you can't even eat for looking around. You have recently become scared of your jack in the box and cry when it pops out. You like tummy time but get frustrated b/c you can't reach a toy a few feet in front of you. You know though, how to get it. You just whine a little, stick out your arms like you're flying and Mommy or Daddy are right there by your side. You are still the most well behaved baby in all the land and people tell us all the time how jealous they are that you are so sweet and mild mannered and that you sleep through the night EVERY night. You LOVE music and if you are ever in a bad mood, Mommy just has to sing one of your favorite songs and you're smiling in no time. Certain sounds make you crack up and you almost fit into your 9 month clothes! You are beginning to babble and like playing peekaboo. The list goes on and on and there is way to much to name.
We just know that you are by far the best thing that has ever happened to us and I love to stare at you and know that you belong to me. You make me so proud already and I just want to hug and kiss you constantly. I want to be with you all the time and go crazy when I'm not. We love you, stink, more than you'll ever know.

Happy 7 months!
Love, Momma

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Kerri said...

Camden has those same jammies! He, too, is still working on those teeth. None in sight yet!

Happy 7 months to Gage!

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