Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Big Boy!

Now, I am not one for mushy things and often roll my eyes when I hear mothers talk about tearing up as they pack away their baby's newborn clothes and cry as their little babies are growing up, but I guess I'm now officially one of those Moms.
Because I primarily breastfeed my baby and he doesn't get any bottles outside of day care and the occasional one from Dad, I assumed that he would not acquire the skill of holding his bottle. I mean he only gets bottles like 30% of the time! Well I left day care this afternoon and he had already started on a bottle, so I finished it up when I got home and to my surprise, he grabbed onto the bottle with both hands, positioned it where he wanted it and sucked it down. OMG, I had no idea he was capable of this! I grabbed the camera and got it on video and it was then...that I felt myself tearing up...thinking my little boy is growing up. Now mind, you it was only for a second or two and I won't even post the video, b/c everyone's seen a baby hold a bottle....BUT nevertheless, I am so PROUD of my big boy! Have a good weekend

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