Friday, December 31, 2010


As promised from my last post, this will include pictures and an update on our trip home to see the Grandparents and Gage's Uncle B from CA.  The following pictures are from our Christmas here at home.

Gage playing with his interactive ornament Grandma gave him.

Best we could do for a family photo with only the 3 of us being here.
Christmas 2010.

Gage and "Babu"

Grandma and Grandpa Itnyre sent Gage the sweetest recordable book, all the way from TX.

Yay for Santa PJ's!

Gage and the GIANT beanbag



As shown in the picture above, Gage's new favorite thing is to point.  Every single morning, noon, or night we come into our living room, Gage points at the tree and says "tree"  and wants to go and look at all of the ornaments.  He has to have us play the musical ones for him over and over.  Poor kid doesn't know he only has a week left to point at the tree.

We were supposed to leave for Chesapeake on Sunday, but b/c of the foot of snow they got down there (very rare for the area) and the fact that they don't know how to plow it, etc. we decided to wait until Monday to head down.  Gage was going to get to see his Uncle Brian for the 1st time since last Christmas and of course for the 1st time since he could really play with him.  I think Uncle Brian was excited to see him as well.  We also had Christmas with Auntie and she  hooked Gage up with far too many toys!

Gage loves Christmas with Auntie!

Gage playing with the guitar Uncle B bought him.

Gage and Uncle B

Gage and Mommy

Yay for Christmas!
While in Chesapeake, we didn't do too much but hang out with the family. One day we got out for a few to go to a Christmas display downtown. Other than that it was just family time. Not often all of us get together. It's been since last Christmas and who knows when we'll get the chance again! We're so glad Uncle Brian could spend Christmas with us this year!

Gage and Crazy Uncle B

Checking out the crazy toddler sized icicles

Hangin' with G-diddy

I pray for a grilled cheese sandwich

Eh, not the best, but nonetheless, a family shot- 2010

I will end here since the pictures are quite excessive.  But I'll have to post soon on all of the new words Gage is saying.  It's incredible how much his vocab is growing every day.  He is now like a little tape recorder. We've decided we're gonna have to start writing them all down to keep track!  Happy New Year!


Kerri said...

I know this is going to come as a shock (ha), but Camden also got a blue beanbag chair, that guitar, and a recordable book.

Looks like Gage had a great time!! I can't wait to hear all about his new words. Maybe he could come teach Cam a few? ;)

Oh, and those icicles were insanely big!

Amy and Luke said...

ha...soul mates I tell ya. One day they'll be roommates at Tech or something....Gage did have a great time and we got too many toys from Grandma, that's for sure. It's so crazy how they truly are walkers or talkers!

Hope your family had a wonderful Christmas and your house is beautiful!

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